.Little Things Bring Smiles Part 9.

The name of my blog is

Little Things Bring Smiles.

I chose this title because it is so important to remember the little things in life and to rejoice in them. My reason for blogging is to share my life, all parts of it {including the good, the bad, and the ugly} along with the crafts and DIY projects I complete. Each month I want to focus on the little things that brought smiles to my days. I would love for you to share your little things and see if they bring a smile to me, or another reader :)

 Here are my little things from July:

- Seeing a red fox (twice) in my neighborhood
- Air Conditioning
- Holding a baby only hours old
- Sleepovers with Grace and Joy, the little ones I nanny
- Chick-fil-A
- Going to the movie theater with Adam
- Fresh Fruit
- Working on our house and feeling overly blessed, proud, and happy!
- Meeting my sweet 5 month old niece from Minnesota
- Spending a week with family and living life with them
- Getting a special "backstage pass" tour of Liberty's Theatre
- Family game nights
- Discovering Colden trapped himself inside the pack n play
- Swimming
- Preparing meals for family
- Shower kisses with my love ;)
- Watching Colden curl his little paws up when sleeping
- Babysitting our friends baby
- Trip to NJ and visiting my family
- Chipotle (located in MD which is perfectly in the middle of our trip from VA to 
   NJ, it keeps us motivated to keep pushing on!)
- Accessorizing our deck with patio furniture and ferns
- Watching Adam make beautiful wooden bowls on his new lathe
- Laughter
- Late night chats and visits with a dear friend from Michigan
- Chocolate Malt O' Meal with vanilla ice cream (thank you Maria for the 

Now it's your turn. Always remember,
Little Things Bring Smiles!


  1. those are great little things! I am inspired to make a list myself!! love your sweet blog!

  2. choc malt o meal sounds good! i love all the dog things on your list, mine would be overran with cat things, too. we got to spend some much needed "just relaxing" time with my dad over the weekend in ocean city, md. i am thankful for that, and it definitely made smiles.

  3. love this post of all your things! I just posted a be thankful monday post on
    my blog! :)

    i love thankful hearts such as yours!

  4. yeah for chocolate malt-o-meal with ice cream! I have a whole box of malt-o-meal in my cupboard b/c my kids despised it! :( I'll just have to enjoy that little treat with those of you who love it like I do :)

  5. Awww...air conditioning! It has been hot and humid in San Diego. I'm loving our air!

  6. Making an inventory of little daily joys has such a wonderful way of putting the big things into perspective.

    But let's be honest: Chick-fil-A trumps all!