.House Progress: Master Bedroom and Bath.

Well friends..the title is a bit misleading just as it was here
Please forgive. 
I really wanted to share some pictures of our master bedroom and bathroom with you today despite the lack of progress made. Also forgive the quality of photos, I was simply too lazy to edit the levels and figured it would be okay since these are before pictures, hope you don't mind :)

 View as you enter through the door.
 I bought a white bed skirt from Target months ago and it still sits in my closet in it's packaging..one of these days I will bust that baby out and iron it!
 Right now, Adam and I refer to this area of the room as the bowling alley or the roller rink, which do you like better? :) Love the view of our backyard through the window.
Before shooting the other angles of the room, I got a bit distracted by my adorable pup.
 Okay, back to the tour! View from the far corner with the two wall sconces.
 View from the bed facing our tv.
 View from the bed facing the doorway. I love the pretty view of my fern hanging on the deck, it makes me happy :)
And now our master bathroom..every grandmother's dream bathroom ;) View from door and behind door showing the shower.
 I am in love with the white cabinets, I can already see what the bathroom will look like with a few changes!
 Favorite part.
 Jacuzzi tub.
That wraps up the little tour of our master bedroom and bathroom. The area rug, pillows, and lamps will be moved to our living room as soon as we get to painting and take a trip to Ikea to purchase a new couch! We are taking it slow..very, very s    l    o    w.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Pillows purchased at Pier One at 50% off, woot woot. Lamps from Big Lots and the rug was ordered online..have to remember which site I used.


  1. I am in love with your bedroom, it's HUGE and it looks so great! The bathroom is adorable and I too am in love with the white cabinets and I love the windows by your HUGE bathtub! So I guess you can saw that I love everything!

  2. EKK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I had a similar "roller rink" area in our den in the condowe use to have. Made a very lovely reading nook. My husband (we were just dating then) even surprised me with a perfect little iron chinese trifold seperator for the area as it was pretty close to the closet.

  3. Your bedroom is huge! I can't wait to see what you guys do to it!

  4. I absolutely love you house, so what I would pick for my first house. Your bathroom shutters are to die for, fun decorating!

  5. youre place is HUGE! so pretty