Good Afternoon!

Last week I had every single day off from work and had great plans to craft and decorate my home..welp, a migraine hit me mid week leaving me incapacitated for days. {I'll write a post about my migraines another day.} I did, however, find a few ways to relax through the pain.

- Sunbathing on my deck
- Afternoon naps with my icepack
  and this:

- Long bubble baths, picture taken with my phone. Two things to learn from this: 1, I actually scrubbed my bath tub for the first time since moving in and 2, when in a jacuzzi tub, you do not need a lot of soap to make bubbles, lesson learned.

My week did pick up with my husband taking Friday off to spend the day with me, I know..I know, best day ever ;) We had a great time watching movies, completing yard work, and even squeezed in a date to the "nice theater," aka $10 a ticket theater, to see Captain America (awesome). The weekend was then filled with friends and celebrations--just plain fun!

It is now Tuesday and I am back to normal..my schedule that is, not my head..still aching. I have the girls again and life is back to normal..well, kind of..Virginia experienced something today a little unusual. Any guesses?--We had an EARTHQUAKE! Yes, how bizarre and yes, you did read the title correctly. The girls and I were outside on our deck when the house began shaking. At first I thought a big truck was driving by or some sort of drilling was happening on our street but soon enough realized it was a tremor..a big one. The deck furniture was moving slowly across the wood beams and my hanging ferns were swaying back and forth so hard and quickly two actually fell of their hooks. Being a Jersey girl, earthquake safety was not high on my priority list so my mind was racing to remember anything at all..no luck. I quickly scooped up the girls, called for Colden, and ran in the house heading for the basement. My kitchen chandelier was swinging, ceiling fans shaking, kitchen cabinets rattling..it was so strange and quite eerie. The girls thought I was completely nuts and asked why I rushed us all to the basement. I replied, "I thought I had clothes wrinkling in the dryer!" Grace, 4, then shook her head and shrugged, "Silly Katie, you can always iron them."

Perfect moment.

Nap time quickly approached after our earthquake shake and I jumped online to see what happened. A friend shared this link with me. Crazy, crazy, crazy! After everything was over, I remembered: basements for tornadoes and doorways/under tables for earthquakes..too bad those Saved By The Bell scenes didn't register sooner ;)

It is now almost 6pm and I can feel the cool breeze in my hair and the warmth from the sun as I type this. The weather is finally perfect, not too hot and definitely not too cold, it's just right. I suppose dinner should be cooked sometime soon..where of where is that maid, she's been missing from work for 2 years now!

Have a great night everyone :)


  1. first of all...that photo...girl it makes me want to hop in the tub asap! and my vote is you can't have too many bubbles :) Brooks, on the other hand, is kind of scared by them. haha

    I'm glad you had some down time when your migraine hit. I have a close friend that suffers from those and it's so sad! I'm so sorry...but I hope you've been able to take it easy with the girls :) I'm so glad you all were safe during that earthquake!! and quick thinking on saying you were in such a hurry to head downstairs cause of your wrinkling clothes...natural disaster and fashion disaster...same same ;) heehee

    happy tuesday friend!

  2. Ugh, migraines are no fun. Sorry to hear it happened on your vaca week.
    Also, I live in Michigan and was laying on the couch while Emma napped and literally felt it. I was thinking why in the world is my body moving. Weirdest thing evere. So glad you were are safe and nothing happened!!

  3. thank you so much for your congrats on our sweet babes :) xoxo

  4. Your Saved By the Bell comment made me smile big time! :) When I felt the earthquake I at first thought I was experiencing SEVERE pregnancy light-headedness. Until the entire room swayed! Even after that, though, I kept saying "so that wasn't just me, right?"
    Hope your migraines subside... but that you enjoy that fabulous jetted tub you have! Jealous!

  5. Love the pic! Sorry about the migranes. I think you should check that out. Yes,that earthquake was scary. I am in NY and the after shock was crazy. Feel better...


  6. i felt the earthquake all the way up in PA! crazy!