I like the phrase "Weekending." 
I've been noticing quite a few bloggers are using this term and I'm joining in!
It makes me smile.

This weekend was an unusual one for our little Miller house. We had a full house. The two girls I nanny, Grace ad Joy, stayed with us! I have to admit, I rather like when their parents go out of town for the weekend. It's always a bit of a challenge but I love these girls and truly enjoy spending time with them.

My mother-in-law told me about a Garden Show the city of Lynchburg was hosting and asked if I would like to bring the girls and join her. How wonderful is my mom--always willing to help and always willing to love on some kiddos! (Can ya tell she's a grandmother?) The weather was delightful..cool breeze with the warm sun keeping our skin toasty! By the time we arrived, most of the flowers had been sold but we were able to see herbs, annuals, trees, and other shrubs. The girls had their faces painted and planted flowers! Mom and I were able to sit back and relax while watching the girls play on the playground in "Miller" Park..yes that is the actually name of the park.

Here are some pictures of our Saturday outing!
 The wild hair and messy faces mean one simple thing: FUN! 
 Also, I had to choose my battles wisely and I was OKAY with crazy hair today ;)
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Sunday Moms--

Happy Mother's Day! 

P.S. How cute are those old chairs turned planters?!


  1. Those chairs are the first thing I noticed (other than the adorable little girls)! Such a clever idea. Looks like it was a beautiful, fun day! So sad we didn't get to meet those little ones while we were there. :( Maybe next time!

  2. aw how fun! sweet weekends are such a blessing from God. looks like you're getting lots of practice for being a mom someday :o)