.For Mom.

You will be receiving a phone call from me any minute.
You will hear me tell you how much I love you.
You will hear me express how I wish we were not so far away.
You will hear me say how I am going to spoil you for an entire day when you are here in 2 weeks!
You will hear me say I love you again.
You are an amazing mother.
You are an amazing wife.
You are an amazing grandmother.

You are loved.


  1. Thank you Katie. You are an amazing daughter who one day will be an amazing mother herself. Love you with all my heart, MOM

  2. Aww, what sweet pictures! I'm smiling because I wrote a very similar post for my mommy, as well. :) Love it!

  3. Very beautiful declaration of love to your mom, Katie. Beautiful photos.

  4. AWWW! What a kind heart you have. Makes me smile. :)

  5. You look just like her. And you're both beautiful!