.Random Thoughts.

It's Friday.
Another weekend is here.
I am so behind on house cleaning.
(which is sad because more than half of our house is packed)
We will not be moving until June 1st.
Closing got pushed back..
..and back.
Totally fine, we can take our time packing.
Funny thing about the new house..the shutters we were told were black are actually NAVY.
Yep, after visiting numerous time we decided they are definitely more blue not black.
Glad we did not paint the front door black ;)
I still have not mailed out the Little Things Giveaway package to the Wilson family.
It's been over a month.
Sorry about that..
On this topic, I still have not mailed my sister-in-law her "W" book page letter I made back in January.
Yes, January.
Goal for this weekend: MAIL OUT PACKAGES!
There are about 5 loads of laundry taunting me to wash them.
I just don't want to.
But I will.
My head is hurting.
I should probably get off the computer, eat some lunch, and have my delicious cup of hazelnut coffee.
Tonight Adam and I are spending time with our friends Ben and Hannah and baby Jack.
I really love our friends here in VA.
Did I mention that when we finally move in our new house, Ben and Hannah will live 5 blocks away?
Yeah, pretty cool..I know.
In my head I have been planning our housewarming party decor.
Remember, we did not even move in yet and do not have furniture to fill the home but here I am thinking about party decor.
We will have it catered so I can actually enjoy the party and socialize.
I'm thinking BBQ.
Definitely going to do BBQ.
I need to shower today.
I'm feeling sleepy and it's not even 2 o'clock.
I could sleep since the girls are sleeping.
The girls I nanny..not a mommy yet :)
Okay, head is telling me to get off..
..have coffee..
..take a shower..
..then read more blogs all before the girls wake up.
Happy Friday everyone!
Oh that laundry, darn.
Wait, tomorrow is SATURDAY!
Perfect laundry day in my book ;)

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  1. That is what a snap shot of my brain looks like in about a 3 minute flash :) Different subjects,same effect :)