.It's officially SUMMER.

My Summer has officially begun.

The two little girls I watch had their last day of school today..this is great for teachers but a little sad for the nanny..aka ME!

This means..

No more sleeping in til 1030am and enjoying a hot shower followed by a hot cup of coffee with plenty of time to walk my dog down the street to the corner all before leaving my house at 1135am.

Wake up time is now 845am..830am if I want to get a shower in before the girls arrive to my house at 9am.

Oh dear.

My days went from 5 hrs with the girls to 8 hrs with the girls.

I love them to pieces but I will be honest..I am in need of:

Prayer..and lots of it ;)

Here's to my Summer officially beginning..


  1. school's out all ready?! we have 11 more days! hang in there katie! you'll be in my prayers :o)

  2. I've been there! Prayers girl. You're gonna need some extra strength!

  3. prayers of sanity and creativity to keep those little ones busy and happy, coming right up :) You'll do great Katie! Hopefully you're getting a raise right?? :)

  4. so, i read your posts backwards today ;), but i just wanted to say that i TOTALLY understand!! of course, my new job in cincy will be with 2 little ones under the age of 2...so i'll pray for you if you pray for me?? ok. i'll pray for you even if you don't pray for me. ;)

  5. i feel you.

    for real. luckily though, my last day is next friday, and i am so happy for that. except im going to miss the smallest little nugget! but going to school and work for the past year has been the WORST! and my oldest still has two more days of school. im very glad for that lol. good luck girl!

  6. I am in the same boat for summer! Babysitting in the early mornings... love the kids but its definitely exhausting ;)