.Good Morning.


I am feeling blessed. I am having one of the most peaceful mornings with tears of joy continually filling my eyes. Just last night I shared how my days with the girls will be much longer now that school is over and I asked for prayers. Well..I can feel them, I can feel your prayers.

I woke up this morning at 6am to brew my husband some coffee for his very long and busy day of filming and I am so glad I did..it led me to where I am right now..

As I took my dog out, I just stood and looked around me in awe of God's handiwork. This morning was perfect. The smells, the fog, the dew shimmering in the sunlight, the cool breeze..it was perfect. It immediately brought me back to my time spent at Camp Tapawingo and brought me to tears. I love how God reminds us He is always with us and so blessed for everything He taught me that summer at Tap.

..I am now sitting in my bed with my cup of coffee on my end table and my lappy toppy on my lap. My pup is curled up next to me sound asleep and amazingly beautiful praise music is blasting thanks to my Chris Tomlin Station on Pandora.

I've been perusing facebook and the blogging world and I am happy. Friends of mine are having babies, friends are recently engaged..recently married..I am touched and so happy for them. I have been lifting them up in prayers and just thanking my Lord for everything He is doing in my life and in the lives of others..how are we so lucky to have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much?

..I am blown away at who God is..He is so giving and understanding and loves us..I am blessed.

This morning is the first morning in about a month I woke up feeling relief in my back, RELIEF! I have been having so much pain in my back and have been seeking help from a chiropractor for a few months now. Experiencing answered prayer first hand gives me chills and again feel so thankful the Lord is watching over me. There is still a lot to be healed with my back but feeling relief is such a blessing and I will gladly accept it!

It's time for me to shower before those darling girls arrive. I needed to write my thoughts down with you all--thanks for listening :) This morning has been so peaceful, thank you for those who prayed for me..I can feel it.

Good morning to you all!



  1. Wow, this was amazing! I really enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Katie, thanks for the wonderful reminder this morning, how blessed we are :) have a great day!

  3. Ok..it gets BETTER..

    I brought my lap top in the bathroom with me while I showered so I could continue listening to praise music bc you always sound good singing in the shower (insert wink face here!)

    Right as I am praying..In Christ Alone starts playing..this is the ONE song that is so dear to my heart..I started just bawling my eyes out in the shower..AGAIN, how amazing is our Lord!! He played this to communicate with me..chills!

    ..and then..

    the next song is an older hymn which made me laugh hysterically. Anyone familiar with the Mr. Bean church episode? Well those of you who are..the "song" was playing and I just laughed and laughed and thought about my dad and sweet husband (this episode is replayed a lot with these two boys)

    So..my morning just got better!


  4. This is amazing! Praise God for blessing you this morning!

  5. i. love. those. mornings. this post made me want to lock myself in my room with my journal, bible, and some good Jesus music. seriously. thanks for the reminder of how good He is, and for sharing so honestly.

  6. I love Mr. Bean!

    Guess What? You have 300 followers! Congrats!!!

  7. yay :) I love a good positive post to start me off this morning :) thanks!

  8. so glad you had a pain free and peaceful morning! God is good!

  9. Thanks for all the comment love on my blog! I always have to check which "Katie" is leaving a comment because I have another friend that lives close to me named Katie Miller, Crazy! Great blog! It will be exciting to move into a new home and get to fix it all up how you want to. Good Luck!

  10. Wow, such fun to have those moments of deep connection with God. He is romancing you! Soooo special. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

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  12. I tried to email you from the comment you left me on the discovery gateway post but you are no reply so I am relpying here! Thank you for the sweet comment you totally made my day! And yes you will have to go check it out it is so fun.

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