It is Sunday night.

Another weekend has come and gone.

This was not your average weekend..it was an Emma weekend!

A little confused? 

Let me explain by showing this photo:
My brother Scott and sister-in-law Kim visited from Chesapeake, VA with their little seven month bundle named Emma. You may remember seeing this doll here. Scott finally took his Professional Engineering Exam after months of studying and can now breathe a little easier :) They decided to come for a nice, relaxing visit filled with no studying, only smiles..smiles at sweet Emma. Some of you may be familiar with my sister-in-law Kim from her blog Little Rays of Sunshine. She always includes pictures of Emma and recipes for your sweet tooth! 

We all had an amazing weekend together. The weather was just perfect with the sun shining and ranging between mid to upper 60's. Friday night was spent learning about the little girl Emma is becoming and eating some yummy food--Italian style! I made chicken parm sandwiches and pasta for everyone to enjoy and to my surprise, we actually had leftovers!! For those of you who know my husband and brother this.is.shocking. 

Saturday started off with pancakes and strawberries and of course, coffee! We spent the afternoon soaking up some rays while eating all of the tasty treats at the Chocolate Festival! Oh yes, you heard me right--Chocolate EVERYWHERE, my dream come true. The festival had booths set up of local businesses giving away free stuff as well as face painting, pudding finger painting, and firetruck tours for the kids. We all stuck to the Chocolate tasting :)
The five of us met up with Adam's mom and grandmother at the festival to show off Emma Grace. She was a hit, smiles all around!
This is the cause for all of those smiles.
We ate lunch at Subway and had plenty to choose from for dessert thanks to the festival. After the festival, Adam and I took Scott, Kim, and Emma to our new house for a tour :) It was so fun showing them around and seeing how excited they were for us, family is simply the best.
More smiles at Subway.
My mother-in-law was incredible and offered to stay with Emma while Scott and Kim treated us to a Red Lobster dinner to celebrate becoming homeowners--what a dinner it was!! I tried coconut shrimp for the first time ever and LIKED it! Another shocker since seafood is not my thing. Scott and I were the only ones to order chicken while Kim and Adam ate crab, lobster, and more shrimp. Came home to snuggle with Emma and watched SALT thanks to netflix. Awesome action movie with a great story--kept you guessing all the way through!
Somebody was not ready for bed, just look at that smile!
Sunday morning we enjoyed biscuits, scrambled eggs with cheese, and turkey sausages! --and more coffee :) We all had a lazy day just sitting on the couch talking, laughing, and sharing stories. It is so nice catching up with family, I really love my family. When Emma woke up she stole all of the attention and I didn't want to give her up. Saying goodbye is never fun but knowing we will see her again soon is always exciting.
I have a picture of me feeding her every visit :) I wish I could say please excuse the no makeup and messy hair but this is how I look most of the time!
Love my little niece so much--only wish my other nieces and nephews could visit more often..Minnesota why are you so far away?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend like we did..I'd love to know if anyone else had specials visit from friends or family! :)


  1. I was so confused for a few seconds about which blog I was on . . . I've got it now ;-) I love the picture of the 2 of you together--that one's a keeper! Looks like you all had fun!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. Hee hee.... Rachel, reading your comment cracked me up! Emma pictures everywhere! :)

    Katie, I loved reading this post and reliving our fun weekend with all these great pictures. Thank you again for having us! We're so excited for you and Adam to move into your new home and begin the next chapter of your life together. We need to mark our next Emma weekend on the calendar soon! Love you! :)

  3. Ahh how cute is Emma?! I want to steal her - I love that first picture!

    And also, a Chocolate Festival? Where do I sign up? I wish we had one of those around here because I would so be all over that. I never say no to chocolate.

  4. The little sunglasses are so cute and that chocolate looks wonderful!

  5. She is adorable and I wish my nieces and nephew lived a little closer. I have some that do but my side of the family doesn't and it's sad but I love when I get to see them! I'm going to have a niece named Emma in July!

  6. funny that we had n&m here with baby lucy this weekend! nothing like family time :)
    And we just watched Salt last week via netflix...
    Oh, the irony :)
    even tho we're far away, we're living parallel lives :)

  7. 1. She is too cute! Is her hair red? How fun is that!
    2. You and Adam are gonna make the cutest/coolest parents someday.
    3. Where was that chocolate festival? It looked like a good time!

  8. Thanks for your comments ladies, weekends and babies are simply the best :)

    Naomi--too funny, so glad you guys were able to hang out, hoping to see some pics from it?? hint, hint.

    Annie--Yes, Emma has red hair! My brother had reddish hair growing up and its on Kim's family too so yep, Emma is a redhead with big blue eyes! The Chocolate Festival was right off of 221 in Forest in the new shopping square.

  9. oh my gosh, is she the sweetest thing! she is adorable, and you look totally happy feeding her! your pics look great, great quality. (super jealous.) i've got so much "catch up" blog reading to do!

  10. Emma has such a sweet smile! She looks like such a happy girl. Oh and the chocolate looks amazing! How did you not get one of everything?

  11. I'm here via a comment you left on "Not an Empty Room." I noticed that you attended a chocolate festival in Forest. I'm in Lynchburg and didn't know that a chocolate event was going on! It sounds like you had a fun family weekend! I hope you'll stop by to visit my blog when you have a moment.