.Last Night = Perfection.

I love spending time with my husband. 

Yesterday afternoon while chatting with Adam on gmail, I mentioned I was in the mood to be "out" and asked if he wanted to go window shopping for the new house after work. My awesome husband said, "sure!" I love how willing he is to put up with my "moods" :)

Our night consisted of..

Stop #1: Our new house. We moved more furniture and took measurements in the living room as well as the deck.
Stop #2: Schewels Furniture. Adam and I were simply wandering the showroom looking for anything that stood out. No luck which means no money spent, always a good thing!
Stop #3: Wendy's. Yeah..we gave into fast food BUT we both ordered salads! I tried the new Berry Almond Chicken Salad and it was delicious and according to their stats, under 400 calories!
Stop #4: Big Lots. We found so many things for the new house and at amazingly cheap prizes! Lamps to flower pots to shower rods you name it--we found it! Nothing was actually purchased but we know we will be heading back to Big Lots as soon as we officially move in to our house.
Stop #5: Joe Beans. Drive through coffee. Enough said.
Stop #6: Sam's Club. Looked at their selection of patio/deck furniture. Liked what we saw, but we are still trying to decide between going the table and chair route or the outdoor couches. The deck is rather small so we need to measure and lay everything out.
Stop #7: Target. Adam made a "deal" with me before going in we were simply going to look at their patio/deck furniture and NOTHING else. He's a smart man..I could spend hours in that store. We found outdoor couches that we LOVE and the price was right. We'll be back :)
Stop #8: Pet Smart. Colden needed more meds, the ticks are so bad here.
Stop #9: Pet Store. Who doesn't like looking at puppies and kittens?
Stop #10: Sweet Frog. Vanilla frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and brownie chunks. Mmm.
Stop #11: Red Box. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1..I know, we are nerds and enjoyed every second of it!!
Stop #12: Home sweet home. Husband, blankets, comfy couch, puppy, cuddling, and Harry Potter mean one thing...

...Last Night = Perfection


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It isn't always where you go or what you do, the best part is just spending time together.

  2. I love me some Target and Sweet Frog!! And of course YOU!!!! :0)

  3. I love that night! Especially ending it with Harry Potter. This nerd is going to try to read all of the books before the next movie comes out!

  4. Mom left her skymall catalogue from the airplane here when she left and I found a Harry Potter magic wand remote control in there! For only 90 bucks, you can have a realistic looking magic wand that responds to 18 different hand movements to control your tv...how cool is that!? Would be perfect for watching those cool Harry Potter movies... :)
    -- it's official, we're nerds too :)

  5. Hi Katie,
    You are amazing, I love your projects.. Keep them coming.. Newest follower.. I would love to feature you on my blog.. Contact me at craftionary@gmail.com, if you are interested!


  6. Sounds like a great night! I can't wait to see all of your new decorating at the new house. I know you must be so excited!!!!!!! I hate moving, but once you get to the UNpacking part it gets better!

  7. lucky! i want a house!!! i already have the awesome hubby, so yes. i think it's time for a house ... ;)

  8. All I can say is "awwwwww..." :)

    PS - I'm a Harry Potter nerd too :)