.Little Things GIVEAWAY is HERE.

The Little Things Giveaway is Finally Here!

After deciding on a giveaway theme, I quickly began writing lists of my favorite little things. It was hard choosing only 24 items because let's face it--there are so many little things in life I love and use all the time! I had to break my thoughts and lists into categories and really focus on the little things I use most often. I finally have it together and could not be any happier with my choices, I hope you all feel the same :) 

Here are my favorite 24 little things:
{in no particular order}
Household Items:
1. Eight O'Clock Regular Hazelnut Coffee
2. All Natural Brown Coffee Filters (great for crafts too!)
3. Natural Fibers Set of 4 Scrubbing Sponges
4. Clorox Wipes
5. Fine Point, Retractable Black Sharpie Marker
Personal Items:
6. Maybelline Full N' Soft Brownish Black Mascara (I've been using this exact
   mascara since I was 13 years old after seeing an ad with Sarah Michelle Gellar
   promoting it..talk about supreme marketing, over 10 years of buying the
   same product!!)
7. Dark Brown Bobbi Pins (cannot LIVE without!)
8. Mango Burt's Bees Lip Balm (Pomengranate is my absolute favorite but I
   could not find it anywhere, I hope Mango will do!)
9. Venus Razor + Extra Blades
10. Cute Set of 3 Earrings
11. Orbit Gum
12. The Holiday DVD (I can watch this over and over and over again--it's my go 
      to movie!)
13. Set of 2 Recycled Journals
Home Decor Items:
14. Green Candle with Leaf + Vine Design (love this shade of green)
15. Set of 5 Tea Lights
16. Bright and Cheery Picture Frame (one can never have enough!)
Craft Items:
17. Twine (seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here)
18. Rafia (seen here, here, and here)
19. Bundle of Twigs (seen here, here, here, here, and here)
20. Spring and Summer Colored Card Stock (great for scrapbooking and this
     this, this, and this)
21. Set of 3 Acrylic Paints 
22. Bright Green Ribbon (can be used for something like this)
23. Set of 5 Brown Paper Bags (can also be used in the household category and it's seen here)
24. Set of 5 White Paper Bags (same as above)
*If you clicked ALL of the above links, you are a doll! Can ya tell I love using twine, rafia, and twigs in my projects? The possibilities are endless ;)
To Win the Little Things Giveaway:

Please comment below and tell me one little thing that has made you smile today.

That's it! I will use a random number generator to find the winner. I always welcome new followers to my blog so feel free to join if you enjoy reading Little Things Bring Smiles. You can locate my "follow box" and blog buttons on the very bottom of my blog page. Scroll ALL THE WAY :)

I will choose the Giveaway Winner on Saturday night, April 9th.

Thank you for being amazing followers and friends, I hope you enjoy my 24 favorite little things!

P.S. There is a special #25 item pictured in the first 2 photos posted. Can anyone find it? Yes--act like a kid again and enjoy your eye spy puzzle!


  1. Shopping at Ross with my daughter on my day off - that little thing made me happy today. :o)

  2. The way Emma still loves to cuddle with me when she's sleepy and nuzzle her head under my chin.... and the way she pulls herself to my face, mouth open, tongue out, slobbering me with her baby kisses :)

    PS--I feel sort of bad entering since I'm family, but I can't help it. I'm feeling selfish because the prize is so good! ;)

  3. Waking up on day two of the 24 hour flu and seeing a great friend there, by my bedside, to take care of me, with medicine and a smile...great friends are the best gift in life and today seeing a great friend in action made me smile!

  4. The way my 17 month old son ate marshmallows today! I don't know how he got some on his back but he did!!

    (This is a fun giveaway! I believe I see some cute, cute buttons!)

  5. psych -- i always laugh OUT LOUD at that show!
    I KNEW there would be Burt's Bees lip balm and I've never seen The Holiday.

  6. Slurpees! In my family, slurpees are the band-aid/champagne of life. New jobs, graduations, surgeries, sunny days, births, have all been accompanied by slurpees :) I look forward to continuing the tradition with my new little one. Great post!

    p.s. I LOVE BUTTONS ;)

  7. Fun prize, and great blog, Katie :) I want to join in on the fun.
    My little thing: (keeping in mind I just woke up) the sound and smell of the coffee maker brewing. Let's get this day started!
    PS- buttons?? is that #25?

  8. waking up and remembering that today is my "friday" - and that i get to spend the rest of the week with my sweet hubs! :)

  9. What a great giveaway! I would LOVE to win! It's early here, but my son has already made me laugh, via the monitor. I love listening to him talk to himself when he first wakes up. This morning he busted up laughing and then said "I am laughing!". Love that kid.

  10. It's my birthday - so I woke up to coffee from my favorite local coffee place thanks to my husband and heard my 4-y-o yelling from the living room as I'm showering to remind me that it is my birthday.

  11. LOVE everything in your giveaway...and the HOLIDAY, don't even get me started...I am right there with you in the fact that I could watch this over and over. Great prizes, Great giveaway, I sure do hope that I win!

    One thing that makes me smile...hugs and kisses from my kids (and hubby) in the morning!

  12. My babies giggling together! Cuddling all together in our bed and tickling them on their chubby little thighs.

    Also this is a fantastic giveaway. And I played eye-spy. Is it the buttons? They look really fun and cute!

  13. My husband and my dog made me smile this morning as they put up with my groggy morning face and still came back for hugs!

  14. Sleeping in this morning, because my husband made his own lunch made my day! :)

    Love your giveaway idea!

  15. I love Sharpies and The Holiday - great movie!

    This mornings, my sweet sleepy daughter coming out from bed made me smile. She was so drowsy, yet managed to smile and then snuggled with me on the couch before anyone else woke up.

  16. What a great giveaway! Listening in on my kids conversation this morning - they make me smile all the time.


  17. I have about 10 mascaras(most of them are trial size...I'm not thaaat crazy about makeup) but I can use one more!!!

    Feeling more energized lately is making me smile!

  18. looking down at my BRAND NEW ENGAGEMENT RING :)

  19. One little thing that made me smile today was the sticker on my clementine. :) Those are always adorable.

    And I think I spy some buttons in those top two pictures!

  20. Waving goodbye to my husband as he watches me get safely on the train this morning. I am so blessed with the most wonderful husband!

  21. Waking up this morning to my two boxer puppies licking my face full of love and joy.

  22. Found out today that our car insurance rate dropped SIGNIFICANTLY since moving to Charlotte! Yay! :)

    P.S. Can't wait to hear more about your home news!

  23. My husband plays drums in a band and their practice was cancelled for tonight. This makes me smile because it means we'll get to spend the evening together at home...enjoying a wonderful dinner and playing Super Mario on the Wii. Btw, I found the buttons. :)
    I'm new to your blog, but I love it! Thanks!

  24. Hi katie!!! Thank you for the sweet comment!!! I am following you back.. your blog is so much like my style, I love it! I would love to win your 24 faves.... I smiled this morning because when I dropped my little boy off at daycare he looked at me and said "bye mama!" - he usually cries his eyes out! It was bittersweet because it means he is growing up! Have a great day!

  25. My first smile everyday is from the sound of little feet hitting the hardwood floors, then running around the corner into my room. BEST ALARM CLOCK EVER!!
    BTW Your testimony of our savior is so beautiful.

  26. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! And for your sweet comments! I'm a new follower!

  27. One little thing that made me smile today?? Being on the winning side of an ongoing battle for a service my daughter needs this morning!

    Glad to have found you through the Girl Creative blog party!

  28. i love that mascara and that frame is adorable, so i need to win this! how generous are you to offer all of these things, seriously! today's best thing was a colleague told me about the abuse she endured growing up and in her marriage...and she'd never told anyone in all her 52 years. i was able to help her see she shouldn't feel blame for enduring, for sticking up for herself was not an option. she never saw that, just that she didn't stick up for herself. i love my job!

  29. So much good stuff!!! I love beautiful wife who makes me smile every day. My favorite is when she answers the phone when she's asleep... I can't even tell you the way my heart feels when she says, "ok... bye" in a whisper. :)

  30. One little thing that made me smile today was your super awesome and sweet comment on my blog! Thank you so much! I'm a new follower of yours--what a fun giveaway! So much great stuff!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  31. I might have to borrow this awesome idea one day! :) I also love most of your little things! My fave is ribbon! :)

    Today's little thing that made me smile: Watching my 3-year-old daughter Ella LOVE her first swimming lesson this morning. Her hot pink goggles were to die for! :)

  32. While I was in the grocery store this morning I noticed an older couple walk out as I was walking in. The woman was in a motorized cart and the man was walking the best he could on his own legs, but they were holding hands. Her with one hand on the cart and the other in his. Made my entire day. Seeing people still in love after so long warms my heart :)

  33. Hi Katie,
    Please do not include me in the giveaway- things I smiled about today, certainly not the weather, rainy, gray and still cold. I smiled looking at the house that may be yours soon and then I had to laugh at Emma with her cool sunglasses on. Just so cute.
    Love you and enjoy reading your blog. So excited for both you and Adam.

  34. The cooing noises that my little girl makes when she talks to me and the way that she smiles up at me with so much love in her eyes. It melts my heart every single day!

  35. I love waking up to my son and daughter and knowing that I get to be their mom, and of course crafting!!!!

  36. Just as I was thinking of my baby boy (he is staying with my mom for a few days), the phone rang and it was my mom. She told me that she bought Christian fingerpaints today and so she took off his white shirt so it wouldn't get messy. She left him painting in the kitchen and when she returned, he was completely naked! He said he did not want to get any of his clothes dirty. When she returned again, he was covered in paint...he explained that he was painting clothes on himself!

  37. Oh, and I felt the baby move finally! :)

  38. While rocking and singing to my 18 month old son before putting him in his crib, i hear him singing along - melts my heart.

  39. The thing that brought a smile to my heart was helping an elderly lady today!

  40. this is the best giveaway ever! i love it so much :) plus, I've NEVER SEEN THE HOLIDAY! I know...I know...I'm crazy. Clearly, I just need to win!

    Thanks for hosting and inviting me to this! I'm following now!

    Okay, okay...so something that made me smile today was when my daughter fake hiccupped for a while...we all knew they were fake, but she kept the act going! (she's 3). Such an actress, committed to the role!

  41. just seeing my hubby walk through the door after both of our long days at work... and your blog of course! love you~

  42. What a giveaway. Something that made me smile today...the sunshine peeking through the clouds after a downpour! I love sunshine (:

  43. Seeing my good friend at work smile and the look of surprise on her face: to see all of her co-workers/family surprise her with an wedding engagement luncheon.

    She has never been surprised before and it made smile to see her so happy.

  44. Yay! I have been waiting for this!! The little thing that made me smile today was watching a video of a eagle nest waiting for an egg to hatch with my kiddos!! :0) Love you girllllll!!! :0)

  45. Lovely give-away! My first smile....the smell of coffee brewing and the newspaper ready to read! Thanks. Karen

    itskarenk @ yahoo.com

  46. What a fun Giveaway! Thanks for finding me and now I've found you! One thing that made me smile today...Always my children! but something different??? I get to go on a date with my hubby tonight (after the kids are in bed) :)

  47. Driving my 73 Karmann Ghia on a beautiful spring day made me smile today especially when Bon Jovi came on the radio! I was wondering if you wanted to judge next week's photo party?

  48. What a great idea Katie! There are many things that make me smile. My relationship with Jesus Christ being that highest. My wife also makes me smile and I know she would love this Little Things give away.

  49. I have a BIG little thing. My 6 year old with special needs made a HUGE LEAP with potty training yesterday! Ehem, sorry. I'm shouting it from the rooftops...

  50. One little thing that made me smile today . . . after reading your mascara comment, I thought about the time my then 2 year old son got ahold of my bright pink Maybelline mascara tube and applied it all over his face, just like mommy. :-) It is one of my favorite memories, he was SO cute with those chubby toddler cheeks covered with mascara (and so proud of himself too!)

  51. My sick husband went to BJ's for me so I didn't have to go after work with my twins with me- DH!

  52. I love sneaking into Ian's room to take a peek at his little sleeping self. Never fails to make me smile!

  53. Being on vacation for 5 more days!!

  54. This is a Super Cute giveaway!! Today, my little smile was picking my 3 year old Siberian Husky, Shadow, up off the bed when it was time to get up. He jumps into my arms and I have to hold him like a baby because he won't jump onto the floor. He's 40 pounds, and it's so funny seeing him in my arms, it always makes me laugh.

  55. Little thing today that made me smile was when my 4 year old put on his superhero cape and was so proud to do it all by himself.

  56. What a cute idea!!! I may just have to copy you. . The little thing that made me smile was when my 15 month old woke up talking to herself, oh yeah and a HUGE cup of coffee.
    P.S. Im thinking that I see buttons - - cute buttons.

  57. The little things that make me smile... the way my little 18 month old does the actions to five little monkeys swingin' in the tree...:0)

  58. waking up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to put up a fight whatever would take the smile of my face....the fight ain't going too well but I had one at one point.

  59. Oh cute stuff!!! The thing that made me smile today, was coming to your blog after being away a few weeks and finding your post about getting your house! Such a great story! ...I am actually serious, I'm not trying to earn extra points lol!

  60. My son and niece went outside found some seed pods that had fallen off the tree and decided to plant them. My son announced that he put them on the tree so it could grow new branches!

    My son is always the answer to what makes me smile!!

    It took me forever!! Buttons!!!