.Royal Wedding Week.

This past weekend after spending time with Adam's family, my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law asked me if I was going to watch "the wedding."  

"The wedding, what wedding?" 
{I admit, I am a bit out of the loop. Adam and I do not have cable and I guess we are behind.}

My mother-in-law explained the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be airing this Friday. {I honestly thought they were already married because I've seen Kate's face on every magazine, shows how much I actually read!} Adam's grandma will be hosting a tea party Friday morning at 6am and invited me to join her and my mother-in-law. At first I thought they were kidding but then I remembered something: Adam's great-grandmother came over to America from England--they are English! It all made sense at that moment, my "light bulb" went on and I knew they were very serious. 

The conversation was quickly directed to a magazine purchased by Adam's grandma all about the Royal Family. I was fascinated with the pictures and really enjoyed the styles from years past to present. My mother-in-law told me Lifetime had been airing 40 minute episodes about the Royal family leading up to the wedding. (They are all available on hulu.) She went on to share her memory of watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding and how magical it all felt. After viewing the photos, the little girl in me awoke and I felt the magic too..it was a true fairytale..

By the end of our conversation I will not lie to you, I was and still am interested. I feel like I should be a good daughter/granddaughter-in-law and wake up early, throw on a hat, and enjoy a splendid tea party with my loving, English family :) My grandfather had some English in his blood too so why not indulge in some English culture and history?

This week while the girls nap, I will begin watching the 40 minute episodes on the Royals and see where it leads me. It's fun getting excited about something when the ones you love are really "into it"--ya know? It will be a great memory we can share together and someday tell my little girl (if the Lord chooses to bless me with one). 

I am going to watch "the wedding".. 
"the fairytale"..
of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
I am ready to feel the magic.

Are you?


  1. I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding, I was 9 years old and I loved every minute of it, so I will definitely be watching Wills and Kate getting married, its a huge thing over here (which is to be expected!) but there's no street party for us this time round, we'll be gathered around the TV from 8am to 1.30pm when it finishes, then enjoy the rest of our extra day off!! Hope you enjoy it...Sara ~x~

  2. Did you have problems with the first episode? The last segment of mine had an Army Wives wedding rather than the Royal Wedding stuff! Kinda weird!

  3. Haha Amanda mine did too!! I just went ahead and currently on episode 2 :)

  4. YUP! Can't wait! Thanks for stopping by modern jane today!

  5. sure am! My sister-in-law and I are hopefully going to make a slumber party out of it =) I love the tea party idea! Maybe we'll incorporate some dainty pastries and herbal tea into our menu of peanut m&ms and popcorn ;)

    Can't wait to hear about your experience with your inlaws :) I love taking advantage of opportunities to bond with my inlaws...yours seem lovely :)

  6. I'm so excited to watch the royal wedding, too!

    Come by my blog when you have a chance--you've been given the Versatile Blogger Award! :)

  7. I just did a post on this too :) Yes, so very excited! XOL

  8. Dear Katie -- wish I could be there to join in this party -- I am planning tea treats and bridal veils for the girls and I! We MIGHT have to watch it in rerun tho, as it is on even earlier here -- 5 a.m.??? Not sure if my 3yo and 5yo can handle that on a SCHOOL DAY!!!
    Maybe we should have the day off on this side of the pond as well :)
    Actually, E will not want to miss school, b/c Friday at their school, they are supposed to come all dressed up in formal attire for another "wedding" -- the letters "q" and "u" are getting "married" and there will be a ceremony in the gym and a little party afterwards -- I think they planned that perfectly, don't you? They even sent little invites out in the kids' mailboxes "Q & U would like to invite you to their wedding...Please wear formal attire...no gifts please!"
    Perfect day for it!
    Ah, weddings :)

  9. If you want a crash course in all things Royal every Wednesday since January I have been writing Royal Wedding Wednesday posts. Come take a peek.

    You could also link this gem of a post up at today's party.

  10. I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding and will definitely be watching this one (although not until after work). It is a defining moment in one's life and well worth focusing on even if only briefly.

  11. sounds lovely indeed! go for the english tea party!!

  12. haha! Love that you are getting excited about it - I will be joining you (although to be honest, I too was a bit clueless about it all not too long ago too!).

    Love your blog too. xoxo

  13. hi katie!

    thanks so much for the invitation to view your blog! i have VERY MUCH enjoyed reading about "the wedding" and am ready to feel the magic! in fact, my youngest is sound asleep and hulu is calling my name (but please don't tell my washer and dryer....they have been calling me too!).

    thanks for your comment and for reading our blog...we appreciate your support and kind words!


  14. I just posted a FB status on this today. I seem to be the only person who isn't interested in it AT ALL. Guess I'm missing the "princess" gene, I dunno.

  15. I just happened upon your blog through a comment you left on another persons blog and like your blog. If you have a moment stop by mine. emilysanity.blogspot.com. Have fun at the tea party.

  16. i had no idea what the wedding was until yesterday! i will not be tuning in… but i'm sure i'll hear all about it after:)

  17. 6 AM?! As in, A and not P? lol... I was really not caring about the Royal Wedding until reading this and now I sort of want to go to an English tea, too! So fun!

  18. PS: I really like your header-- I'm very into dandelions right now.

  19. Oh yes!! Great idea the tea party, here it will start at 4am but I will record it and watch it later!! Knowing me I will probably keep it for a month or so and re-watch it over and over!!!
    Can't wait to see the dress :)
    Thanks for stopping by today, and please let me know how the lunch for the kids went!

  20. I can't wait... we're having our own little royal party to celebrate.

  21. My friend is DVRing it a we're gonna watch on Saturday at a Tea Party. :)

    Thanks for the blog comment -- I loved that Mongolian baby so much. He had such a good temperment -- even when his big bro was bugging him (brothers are the same everywhere, lol). I loved how he just crawled around with farm animals.

  22. I am too! I'm not from the UK, so this is something really exciting and special for me... my friends and I are going to watch it with tea and biscuits!