.Sorry about the Delay.

Today was the day for my big giveaway post.

Where is it? 
To tell ya the truth, I have not written the post yet and did not take any of the photos I was planning. 

Why Katie? 
Great question everyone. Let me answer by simply showing you a picture:
What does this mean?
All I'm saying is there may have been a particular young lady and her husband who put an offer on this little baby today!

And..what happened?
EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR US! We are currently playing the waiting game, so exciting!


So my friends, I hope you forgive me on my giveaway post.

It is coming soon, that's a PROMISE!


  1. Yay girl!!! Thats so exciting!!!! :0) I never gave advice about home buying because honestly no one wants to hear my luck. haha I sure hopes its 3 bedrooms...so you have a guest room ANDDDD your own craft room!! :0) Miss and love you!!

  2. Good Luck!!! The waiting game is no fun.

  3. aww Katie, the house is so lovely...I love all the mature trees....I'll say a little pretty please to God for you guys...xoxo

  4. Very Cute!! Good Luck!!! I'll say a little prayer!! So Exciting to be buying your First House!!

  5. So happy for you! Hope it works out! Exciting!!!!!

  6. such a cute home and i hope that you and adam get it...i'm already excited about how you are going to put your creative touches inside and can't wait to see more pictures! how exciting!

  7. good luck!! sayin' a prayer it becomes yours!

  8. That's so amazing!!!! I hope you get it!

  9. Very exciting!! That house is beautiful!