.I'm Back.

It's Monday and I'M BACK!

The weekend is officially over and I am excited to share what Adam and I were up to :) We took a trip--a getaway--a mini vacation with dear friends! I am back to myself and feeling GREAT this week!

We all headed to Williamsburg, VA and enjoyed a certain park..a park called BUSCH GARDENS! It had been so long for most since we were last at an amusement park and we felt like kids again!! The rain held off and we had the perfect day at the park. Good food--good entertainment--good company equals a GOOD DAY!

Here is the only group shot we managed to take--there are some smiles, some in between grins, and a few concerned looks because we were holding up traffic, a lot of traffic, on the bridge as we attempted a self timer shot. 
Enjoy the awkwardness :)
Left to right: Ben and Hannah Manley, James and Lynette Banks, Adam and (me), Courtney, Joel and Joy Guelzo
Last week was a little hard on me and I was grateful when my weekend started on Thursday night. My sweet husband knew I was feeling down and bought us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at Liberty University. We had a nice dinner date before the play and had a great time together..I love talking with Adam and am blessed to be married to my best friend. 

Friday was a day of cleaning and packing for our trip! I love cleaning the house before leaving because it makes coming home so much sweeter. Adam and I met up with our friends later in the afternoon and we all headed for Williamsburg! Three hours later and we arrived..at a hotel! Hotels are special to me--Growing up, hotels always meant a fun, family vacation and the excitement I felt as a girl always comes rushing back whenever I step foot inside a hotel. Adam feels the same way which makes the whole experience more fun! :)
Adam and I in our hotel room! It's a bit bright but I like it :)
Saturday was an early morning but worth it!! We all met in the hotel lobby at 830am to leave for breakfast at a local pancake house. For those of you who have visited Williamsburg, you know how hard it is to choose a "pancake house" because they are everywhere! There had to be at least 5 different breakfast restaurants on every road! When every single person in your group is "go with the flow" it makes it difficult to actually choose a place but we finally all got the hang of it and took turns making decisions. After breakfast we drove to Busch Gardens. Besides allergies being terrible for everyone, everything was perfect! It was cloudy and cool with a few sprinkles here and there and everyone was feeling good and in great moods! We were all thankful the rain held off and we could enjoy ourselves and the park without sweating! Being cooler is always better than sweating in my book! The flowers were gorgeous, the European theme of the park was fabulous, and the rides were just awesome. Everyone realized after riding 3 roller coasters in a row that we were all getting older..our bodies did not respond as they used to when we were back in high school and we had to have a "buffer time" between rides. The last time I did a big coaster was at the age of 18. Now at 24, um yeah, I definitely needed that buffer time because I lost my head in the clouds!! Thankfully amusement parks have other rides and lots of FOOD! I ate a caramel apple with nuts for the first time and loved it--messy but amazing! After the park, everyone met at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Joy's birthday. I do not recall the name of the place, Plaza something, but it was hands down the best Mexican food and trust me, Adam and I eat a lot of Mexican! When we all made it back to the hotel, some people (me) went straight to bed while the others (Adam) stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing poker. 

Sunday morning I was refreshed and ready to go, I cannot say the same about Adam ;) The group headed to breakfast at you guessed it--another pancake house, this time at The Astronomical Pancake House. Food was delicious and I cannot wait to go back on our next visit. When everyone was ready to burst from all of the yummy food, we decided walking around the outlet mall would be the perfect activity. We all split up and headed to some stores. Adam and I are not shoppers BUT we love finding some good kitchen stores and looking at all of the cool new gadgets there are and did we mention these stores usually have demonstrations which offer free samples of some tasty treats? :) After walking around a bit, Adam and I said goodbye to our friends and headed home to pick up our pup who we miss a little too much while we are away. Sunday night was spent in bed cuddling and catching up on some shows, thank you Hulu. 

The weekend was perfect and though there are some headaches and tiredness today, it was worth it! Thanks to our friends for all of the laughs and good times together, looking forward to our next trip!