.Giveaway WINNER.

I almost forgot to announce the winner of the Little Things Giveaway because I've been a bit distracted with this :) I am thrilled so many of you participated--61 of you! That definitely made me smile tonight!  Here it is everyone!

The WINNER is..
cjmrrw said..
Hi Katie,
Please do not include me in the giveaway- things I smiled about today, certainly not the weather, rainy, gray and still cold. I smiled looking at the house that may be yours soon and then I had to laugh at Emma with her cool sunglasses on. Just so cute. Love you and enjoy reading your blog. So excited for both you and Adam. MOM 

{Did you all catch who won? True story, the random generator picked #34..the one comment that did not "count" because it was from my MOM. I had a good laugh at this one. Congrats Mom and thanks for being generous and giving away your prize, love you!}

Take 2:

Wilson Family said..
What a cute idea!!! I may just have to copy you. . The little thing that made me smile was when my 15 month old woke up talking to herself, oh yeah and a HUGE cup of coffee. P.S. Im thinking that I see buttons - - cute buttons.

Congratulations Wilson Family! You are the winner of the Little Things Giveaway. Thank you for entering, I hope this package brings you MANY little smiles! Because you found item #25 hidden in the photos the buttons now belong to you!


  1. yay for the Wilson fam!

    But i have to admit...i came to enter the contest, not knowing it was already over!! I looked at it and you had some fabulous items! you are so generous :) favorite thing was The Holiday (favorite movie EVER. and the the soundtrack for it is amazing)

  2. Haley--I am so sorry! I should have done one post saying: Last Chance to Win Giveaway. My apologies, my mind has been a bit distracted lately. There will be more I promise and with reminders!!! (My) Adam made me the sound track right after we watched it--we both love it! Sorry again :(

  3. Yay. I am so excited I won. Cant wait to play with everything!!

  4. Of course, I would win when I did not want to be part of your fun giveaway. I could not tell if those were buttons, picture very small, thought it could be some type of tool for making designs with your scrapbooking things. Glad it was fun for all.

  5. Check out my blog, you've been awarded!

    Patty from Housewife In Training

  6. ummmm....how did i miss this? :( I'm always here(?) yes please a reminder for me next time...I'm still happy for the person who won....and so happy for you and your new journey...warm hugs,