.Homemade Bunting.

Hello everyone! Thank you again for reading my blog, it means a lot to me. This has been extremely fun to keep up with and I think I found something new to add to my HOBBIES! (I think the hubs is proud!)

I have been extremely excited to share this post with you because it was easy to make and the end result is fantastic. For the last few months, I have been introduced to the word "bunting" and noticed these adorable fabric flag banners all over blogs and on Etsy

As much as I have LOVED these..there was one problem..one, very big problem..I CANNOT SEW! The only thing I can honestly say I have successfully sewn (in my life sadly) was a pillow made with star and moon fabric back in the sixth grade. I decided not to give up and would think of a way to make my very own bunting.

Well, my friends, I did it.

Props to my pup Colden for being a good boy!

The materials used for this DIY Bunting are listed:

    -Scrapbook cutter (not necessary, but very handy!)
    -Scrapbooking paper
    -Scrapbooking double sided adhesives (or double sided tape)


I began gathering the different colors and patterns I liked. My inspiration was a Harvest/Fall theme because I used the bunting as decoration for my sister-in-law Maria's baby shower. (Pictures from the shower coming the week after Thanksgiving) I suggest thinking ahead of the color palette you would like before getting started..it makes the process easier. I used Scrapbooking paper I already had in my "craft corner" of my spare bedroom. You can find Scrapbooking paper at any craft store for as little as .25 cents a piece! Twine and Scrapbooking adhesives can also be found at any craft store for about $4-$6 depending on the store. Now then--let's begin with the tutorial!

Making Your Pattern

1. First step is to select your paper using a variety of colors and patterns to  
      ensure your bunting is visually stimulating.
2. Decide on the size for each triangle. (I began by cutting a piece of paper
       to 4x6.)
3. When you have decided on your size for each triangle, fold the paper in 
      half and draw a line on the center fold. Next, draw an "X" on the top two
      corners and the bottom on the center fold line.

4. Place the paper in the cutter and simply line up your "X" marks
       to make straight diagonal lines. Make two cuts, one for each side until 
       you are left with a symmetrical triangle. 

Now the real fun begins once your pattern has been made.

Making Your Bunting (Flags)

1. Gather your Scrapbooking paper and pattern. 
2. Next, fold the paper in half and trace your pattern three times with the 
       straight edge on the folded side.
       Hint: Make sure you place the top of your pattern 
              on the folded side of your Scrapbooking 

3. Using scissors, cut between the three triangles made on your Scrapbooking
      paper. Continue to cut along the lines either with scissors or with your  
      Scrapbooking cutter to guarantee straight cuts.

4. After cutting, you should end up with another symmetrical triangle that 
      unfolds in the middle showing two triangles connected at the center.

5. Unfold your flags and flip upside down. Grab your twine and place directly 
       on folded line, inside the crease.

6. Add your Scrapbooking double sided adhesives (or double sided tape)    
     under the twine, along all edges, and in the bottom point of your flag. 
     Once the adhesives are on, fold down your Scrapbooking paper and line up 
     all edges.

7. Continue until you are pleased with the amount of flags. It is up to you 
      how close you want each flag from one another. (I did about 2.5-3 inches 
      between each one.)

This Homemade Bunting was fun to make! If you cannot sew, no worries, I found a solution! Get creative with this technique and instead of twine, use ribbon, or yarn! Use felt letters (or letter stickers!) and hot glue them onto the Scrapbooking paper to write messages such as "Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas"--the sky is the limit! Bunting can be used as decoration for any Holiday and party. It is very rewarding seeing a project you thought of, executed with your own twist, come together to create beauty. 

Now it's your turn to get busy and share your work! 


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