.Rustic Elegance Part 1.

Before I post the current crafts I have been working on, let me take you back to our wedding day. The theme of our wedding was Rustic Elegance. Adam and I are nature lovers and wanted to bring in elements of the outdoors in. To save some money and to entertain myself before the big day, I worked on numerous DIY craft projects for the ceremony and reception. Making these crafts brought peace and relaxation during a stressful time. Our photographer, John Rozier, captured the details of our wedding beautifully.

I first focused on the centerpieces for the reception tables. I had already planned on using artificial flowers and wanted to use real twigs to bring in the rustic feel. I added a touch of green berries at the very end to tie in my wedding colors of brown and green. (I think the green helped them POP out on the brown table cloths) I chose artificial flowers to help the budget as well as being able to make them ahead of time--AND--you can keep them after the wedding! I will post a tutorial on how I made these later in the week so you can get your creative juices flowing! 

Silk flowers and berries from Michaels, glass Vase from Dollar Tree.

After the centerpieces were constructed, I focused on the table numbers. I wanted to bring in the outdoors again so I used Birch trees as the base and more twigs to outline the number card. I paired these rustic elements with scrapbook paper and used stamps to make the table numbers. Together they looked exactly as I hoped they would--shout out to my husband and father for cutting birch branches days before the wedding to make this happen!

Adding a simple touch of votive candles creates the mood for the wedding reception. When all three elements are combined, they bring in the rustic elegance.

These craft projects were simple, fun to make, and cost very little! Do not be afraid to try new things..even if you mess up or finding its not what you wanted, just keep going tweaking here and there as you go--at the end your hard work will pay off and you will have something beautiful in front of you! After all, crafting is suppose to be FUN and RELAXING :)

More to come on our DIY wedding crafts!


  1. you did a really great job on the flowers. they look lovely and totally real :o)

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