.Little Things Bring Smiles Part 1.

Life is funny when you realize what 
little things bring smiles. 

- The position in which my husband sleeps. Never fails, every morning, he is 
  the same way.
- Colden’s sleepy eyes.
- The morning sunlight shining in my front window.
- The smell of coffee in the morning…afternoon...evening...AND night.
- Rain..the smell..feel..sound.
- Colden’s "bum in the air excited to play" position.
- Clean, cold sheets.
- Notes I find in the house from my husband.
- Babies..any baby..makes my heart happy.
- Seeing my favorite colors all throughout my home.
- How my vacuum fits in the odd little spaces around the house.
- The smell of my house in New Jersey.
- Fires..feeling the warmth they bring.
- Smelling the smoke from the fire on your fleece the next morning.
- The way my husband holds me.
- How Colden rolls to his back every time I sit on the floor next to him just 
  waiting for a belly rub.
- My green umbrella.
- Clorox wipes..oh how I LOVE my Clorox wipes.
- Watching the same movies over and over again.
- When Adam asks me, “Oh..have I told you this story before?”


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