Adam is from MN.

Katie is from NJ.

We now live in VA.

MN + NJ = VA?

In our life this equation is true! This month we have had family members from both MN and NJ visit us in our new home here in VA. We are so blessed and blown away our loved ones would travel so far to see us. 

Our first house guests arrived from MN. They were Adam's older brother Nathan, his wife Maria, and their 5 month old daughter Lucy. It was great catching up in person with Nate and Maria and it was really really REALLY GREAT meeting our niece for the first time! Lucy stole the hearts of everyone with her smirk and little noises. She was and is one of the happiest, most content babies I have ever met. The Miller gang stayed at our house for the week and it was wonderful simply living life together.

Highlights of our week:

- Swimming in Grandma's community pool
- Eating breakfast out on the deck
- Preparing meals for everyone
- Laughing during family game nights
- Having great conversations
-  Learning more about each other
- Holding sweet baby Lucy
- Watching Colden and Lucy stare at one another
- Devouring Chick-Fil-A lunches together
- Sharing morning coffee 
- Snuggling with our babes during late night movies

Enjoy a few photos from our week and beware--baby Luce will melt your heart!
 Left to Right: husband Adam, Myself, sister-in-law Maria, brother-in-law Nathan, brother-in-law Alex, niece Lucy
 Proud Auntie Katie!
Back Row: Myself, mother-in-law Wendy. Front Row: niece Lucy, sister-in-law Maria
Left to Right: brother-in-law Alex, brother-in-law Nathan, niece Lucy, husband Adam
When the week ended, our house became empty and quiet. It did not last for long--the next weekend, my mother Cindy, father Ken, and cousin Taylor came down from NJ to celebrate our new home with us! We had a wonderful time together and tried to soak up every minute of our rather short weekend.

Highlights of our weekend:

- Showing everyone the new house and property
- Taking my cousin on a tour of Liberty University
-Sharing morning coffee and coffee cake 
- Watching The Little Rascals in the morning
- Grocery shopping as a family (yes, we totally did this and yes, we all had fun!)
- Enjoying meal time together
- Introducing my parents, cousin, and in-laws to our close friends
- Spending quality time with our friends and family over pizza
- Being entertained by our friends' babies and new puppy
- Playing cards and the laughter it brought

Sadly, I do not have any photos to share with you. It was a short weekend and cameras were not on our minds. Next time, we will remember to have them ready and capture the good times. For now, they will forever be stored away in our memories :)

The house is back to being quiet and empty. Colden has sniffed every room in the house looking for my family. He's been mopy today and you know what?--I have been too. I miss my family. Adam and I are so fortunate to have such close, loving people we get to call family. God is good to us friends, so very good. It feels kind of strange to not have to strip the beds, wash the sheets, re-clean the house, spray down the showers..but just relax..a good strange that is!

It's just Adam, the pups, and I for a while..back to "normal" life.


  1. Katie, I love that white shirt in the pic with you and cute baby! Is it a shirt/scarf of just a shirt?

    Also you should totally paint a picture with your state equation on it!