.Right Now.

It's 9:40pm..
I am sitting at my dining room table on my laptop.
I am wasting time perusing facebook and the blogging world.
My laptop is crammed in one section of the table because my paintings and supplies have settled quite nicely in the other areas.
Pup is laying under my feet chewing on his toy duck with the occasional whine asking me to throw his duck across the room.
This act repeats itself.
And repeats.
And repeats.
Hubs in lounged on the couch playing a silly computer game.
I am amused by the game's choice of music and other sound effects.
Oven is preheating at 375.
Why, at this hour?
So the hubs and I can indulge ourselves in cinnamon rolls.
With extra icing.
Because we can.
Decaf coffee is brewing.
I am staring at piles upon piles of laundry sitting next to the hubs on couch.
I also see our dinner dishes and napkins acting as decor on our coffee table.
Pups hair has overtaken our living room rugs.
As well as our couch.
And pillows.
Tomorrow morning I will be watching a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 10 month old.
My house needs picking up.
Like now.
But I continue to type and keep telling myself LATER.
I will do it LATER.
After my cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.
Yes, then I will simply move the piles of clean laundry to our guest room.
I will then consolidate my paintings and supplies into Kroger bags and place in guest room.
Then shut the door.
I will smile and be thankful for choosing a 2 bedroom rental.
The vacuum will then attempt to eat all of pups hair.
My house will then be suitable for 3 little kids to make a big mess in it tomorrow.
Hubs can smell the cinnamon rolls.
I can too.
Let me go check on them.
Goodnight my blogging friends!


  1. Haha I can totally picture exactly what is going on. And I swear...you guys and late night cinnamon rolls and coffee! haha Glad it's not just me and James with the late night treats! Cinnamon rolls are a Banks family favorite too!

  2. Enjoyed having you and Adam for lunch today. Thanks again for the RLM book letters (I received the "originals" as seen here) http://littlethingsbringsmiles.blogspot.com/2011/01/book-letters.html
    They'll look great in my office. You're so "crafty..." :-)

  3. Sounds like perfection to me !
    btw I saw your letters featured at Whipperberry, I just thought I'd let you know but I'm sure you found that out last night while the rolls baked!

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