.Harvest Baby Shower.

The baby shower for Maria and baby Miller was a success! Special thanks to Naomi for her brilliance in the kitchen and to Kristi for letting us use her beautiful home! Thank you to everyone who shared in Maria's special day and smothered her with LOVE.

Our guest of honor is sitting in the middle with her little niece Lily.
A ladies party means you need to have healthy finger foods (so we can eat and eat without feeling guilty) and then ridiculously delicious sweets (because we are women after all)! :)
Popcorn filled the paper bags and provided a fantastic (and messy) snack! Food cards made with scrapbooking paper, cardboard, and twine.

Thanks to Naomi, the party favors consisted of a recipe for Harvest Tea Loaf bread using two jars of squash baby food! How appropriate :)
Using scrapbooking paper and twine, I made this little book for Maria.
Find out how to make your very own homemade Bunting here!

Our inspiration for the decor of the shower came from this darling party. We do realize our final result is a bit less exciting than the real inspiration BUT with only 3 women living states and hours apart..I feel we reached our desired goal and most importantly, Maria felt the love we had for her little baby :)


  1. I love the bunting flags. Such a great way to spice up the traditional streamer!

    The food table looks amazing too!

    just foudn ur blog and Im excited to follow ya!