.It's December.

Ever have those moments where something hits you--out of the blue smacks ya in the face leaving you with a funny feeling in your stomach and a heart that is beating a little faster??--Well, I had mine yesterday..

We are ten days into the month of December. Problem? --I must begin making  
C H R I S T M A S 
P R E S E N T S ! 
I love this time of year and cannot wait to begin planning and shopping for Christmas parties, and of course, Christmas day.

Adam and I both have HUGE families and we love love love it! Christmas is such a wonderful holiday where our families get together to celebrate the true meaning, the birth of Jesus Christ. Every year is special filled with warm memories and cheerful laughter. 

I am filled with joy and now have the motivation to jump right into December (better late than never) with open arms! Prepare yourselves for great homemade gift ideas and a peek at the Miller Christmas decorations :) 


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