.Almond Tree.

Friends..I am so excited to share my idea with you! This particular idea came to me a few weeks ago inspired by Christmas trees and their pointy needles. Unfortunately, life happens (sickness, work, household tasks, etc.) and delayed me from actually executing my thought.

This weekend provided time for movie watching and crafting with the husband! (Well--he was mostly watching the movies and I was crafting) It was the PERFECT opportunity for Adam to watch his guy movie--"The Expendables"-- starring every stud in the action world you could possibly imagine. We both enjoyed our "quality time" as we were content with our choice of entertainment. When the movie ended, my craft was complete. 

Introducing the Almond Tree:
Materials needed to make your very own Almond Tree:

        - 2 Styrofoam Cones (Dollar Tree $2--buying a smaller, extra 
          cone will provide enough styrofoam for step 4 in the tutorial)
        - Slivered Almonds (Walmart $2.37)
        - Hot Glue Gun
        - Hot Glue Sticks
This entire DIY Craft Project cost me a little over $4.00 and I was able to make 2 trees, one small and one medium in size--how awesome!

Making Your Almond Tree

1. Set up your work station making the slivered almonds accessible and be  
     sure to have your hot glue gun ready!
2. Draw a straight line of hot glue on your styrofoam cone.
3. Simply stick your slivered almonds on your hot glue line...one at a time :)
     As you are creating your first row, test it out after applying a few almonds 
     by standing it on your table. Once your styrofoam cone is standing firm, 
     continue gluing on your almonds..remember, one at a time! 
    Attach your slivered almonds at a slight angle to 
    create the pine needle effect.
Soon it will start to look like this (--hula skirt anyone?)
Once completing row after row after row, your patience will be wearing thin. Lucky for you--you are almost finished!

4. With the extra styrofoam cone you purchased, cut a small cone to place on
     top of your original styrofoam cone to complete the point of your tree and 
     simply hot glue it into place.
5. Continue to glue your slivered almonds one by one on your new point until 
     you have finished your tree!
6. This last step is up to YOU..creating the decoration for the top of your 
     tree! I enjoyed the simplicity and rustic appearance of the 
     almonds so I decided to make a little bow out of twine and attached it with
     more hot glue. Similar to the Acorn Wreath, spray paint might be the 
     perfect effect to transform the almonds to match your home decor! 
     Remember--this step is up to you!

Here is the end result:
I am so very pleased with the final result. This DIY Craft was fun to make--just pop in your favorite movie (or have the hubs pick out his) and glue away! It is fulfilling creating something tangible from mere thoughts in your head. Be encouraged--put your thoughts into action and create something beautiful for your home or for a loved one! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have been inspired by my Almond Tree!


  1. girl, that is GORGEOUS!!! such a great idea! :)

  2. That is sooo you!! With that basic idea you could almost make one out of a lot of different things....like feathers!! :0) I might have to try one sometime

  3. Hillary, I LOVE the feather idea! You should do it :)

  4. I have seen the feathers done...very cute! Never would have thought of the almonds...
    Katie, you are really "fantastic"
    I am so going to do this.
    I really love the minimalism of this.
    Hey, have you seen the paper "cone" wreaths out there?
    I wonder if you could do a tutorial on those.
    I could see one of those working in your house somewhere.
    Also, are you going to try to keep this almond tree? Does it feel stable enough to be packed away and come out again next year?
    OK...nuff q's.
    I love it! Good work!

  5. Naomi--Thank you so much for your sweet comments. It was fun to make and believe it or not, it did not take that long! It is fragile and needs to be handled with care..I have it in my bookshelf away from puppy and the little girls I watch. I think it can definitely be packed away as long as it is packed well :) I may leave mine out all year since its rustic feel matches a few of our other little trinkets in the room.

    About the paper cone wreaths--you just wait! I have been planning on making a book wreath (like the one featured on Dandee) and doing my own twist for a certain father-in-law for Christmas :)

  6. Katie , this is really adorable, sharp and yummy! sandra guelzo

  7. That is too cute and never would have guessed it was almonds!

  8. I love this! I am totally making one like yours next Christmas : )

  9. this is really pretty! did you spray it with clear coat or anything to protect it? and do you think it will last year to year?

    Christina @The Frugal Homemaker.com

  10. Great idea!Love your tips and your blog.
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