.Happy Saturday.

Good morning everyone! I have good news for all--IT'S SATURDAY! 

As a young girl, my father and I would watch the original Little Rascals on VHS on the weekends. I remember one episode in particular where Spanky pretends to be sick to miss a day of school. After his mother informs him it is Saturday, he jumps up out of bed, does his happy dance all while singing "Oh it's Saturday..it's Saturday.." This always brings a smile to my face and every Saturday morning when I can sleep in, there is only one little tune that comes to mind, thank you Spanky.

On this chilly Saturday morning Adam, Colden, and I all slept in until 1130am..how lovely! While the boys were playing on the rug, I began making muffins. Before you get too impressed I have a secret--I cheated! I used the Fiber One box mix of Banana Nut Muffins and added in an extra banana, crushed almonds, and one packet of Splenda. In just 17 minutes they came out fluffy and golden brown! Thank you Fiber One for an excellent start on this Saturday.

Nat King Cole Holiday Station, thank you Pandora!

Adam and I hope your Saturday morning was as relaxing and cozy as ours :) 

Happy Saturday!