.Weekending: Williamsburg Edition.

Back in February I contacted two of my best girlfriends from college about planning a girls weekend...I did not have to convince very long, both ladies were in! 

We decided to explore Williamsburg this year after our Washington DC trip two years ago. It was wonderful being around these ladies again and remembering all of the fun we had in college. We have remained very close since graduation, almost three years ago, and will continue to do so.

Williamsburg was great and we only saw a little bit of what it has to offer! Hillary, Cynthia, and I decided to do historic Williamsburg and some shopping. I am not a shopper but it's amazing how quickly you turn into one when away with girlfriends while husband is home..anyone else know this feeling? We walked the streets of Williamsburg enjoying the Colonial lifestyle. You can even say we got a little into it:
As you can see in the above photo, my girlfriends could easily pass as high school students and we get such a kick out of it every time we buy drinks..the waitress/check out guy examines their ID's for a long time thinking they have to be fake. The one in the middle, Cynthia, is actually the oldest followed by myself on the left and the shortie, Hillary, on the right.

Thank you to Hillary who took the photos for the weekend. After taking way too many pictures in Iceland, I boycotted my camera for a while. Lucky for me, Hillary did a fabulous job documenting our day in historic Williamsburg. Check out these beautiful shots:
The weather called for thunderstorms but we were blessed with a great day. The sun popped out every time we felt chilled and hid behind clouds when our skin started to feel hot, it was perfect. We took our time walking around and even stopped to pose for a few pictures:
Some more silly than others...
*I should take this time to mention I was very sick and a bit high on cold medicine. My actions may not have been thought out but the good news is I provided the girls with entertainment for the afternoon--even got Cynthia to cry from making her laugh so hard!* :)

Looking at these photos make me laugh and I know the same goes for the other two ladies. It was fun acting silly and just laughing together--I think everyone needs more laughter in their lives, it feels so good! You kinda had to be there to experience the jokes, so I apologize for you not being in the loop. Hopefully you can see by our faces how much fun we had and thats all that matters. We did visit these lovely sites and shops:
All three of us were missing our pups as we walked all over Williamsburg. I feel like we were the only ones who did not bring our dogs with us. We could not help but smile over our furry friends we made. Next to Colden, our Shiba Inu, Siberian Huskies are my favorite breed: (she was so friendly!)
On Sunday, we spent the day shopping in the outlet mall. The outlets had every big name brand you can think of and we all ended up buying things from Charlotte Russe, go figure. We all had a wonderful time together catching up on whats going on in life. I am blessed to have left college with friends who will always be there for me. Cannot wait to grow old together and wear matching scarves with broaches..right ladies?! :)

Coming home was exciting, I missed Adam. He planned himself a guys weekend and he and 3 buddies went camping. 

He missed me too.


  1. I hear ya about missing your doggie. When Mike and I went to Montreal (for only 2 nights) I missed Snoop so much that I just went up to a random dog who was tied up outside on the street while his owner was in store and let him jump all over me and kiss my face. haha!

  2. This post looks great, good job! I'm glad we both had a good weekend and best new is that we still have our dog! :) Love you tons!

  3. I totally get the looking like a high schooler thing! I'm 24 and all the time people think I look like a student at the school where I work (and it is a middle school!) Hate that, but I guess someday it will be nice to look so young! :)

  4. It looks like everyone had a ton of fun:)

  5. I can't wait til next time but I think two years was too long, we should make it annual. I love picking out outfits for when we are "old" and distinguished. :) Love the picture of you and your "flourish" or whatever you would call it. :) Love you!

  6. I'm sorry, but Katie, how could you NOT comment on the Santa riding a bike in the picture behind you?? LOL

  7. Katie - I love Williamsburg. I am such a history geek that my hubs took me to Williamsburg for our honeymoon (isn't he a sweetie!). It's so nice to have a group of friends that you can just get away with - enjoy those times! (and you are right - it is the LITTLE THINGS THAT BRING SMILES!)

    Hugs and Happy Easter!
    Carol @arewethereyet

  8. Oh my gosh your arm in that one picture! hahahahahaa
    And is that a man dressed as Santa riding his bike down the street??

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Girl time is the BEST!