.Bridal Shower Brunch.

As I shared with you earlier, over Easter weekend I was honored to host a Bridal Shower for my friend Mandy. 20 invitations were sent out and I was expecting 10 ladies to attend. I was pleased with the number of guests because it made seating a lot easier. I enjoy having my guests comfortable at my home and feel happy when everyone can have a nice place to sit. 

When it came to the menu I knew hosting a brunch would be perfect and it just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day. The time of the shower was set for 11am-1pm. I kept the food very simple and did not go overboard. I wanted to have an assortment of finger foods as well as a main dish. I chose to make my mom's egg bake which I shared the recipe and photos here. As the side dishes, I had fresh carrots and celery served in clear cups with ranch dip on the bottom (idea found on pinterest), spinach and cheese bite sized quiches, as well as my favorite part--the parfait station. I had vanilla yogurt, granola, whipped cream, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries served in bowls with clear cups to assemble the parfaits in. This was the hit of the shower and I am so happy everyone loved it as much as I did, especially the bride-to-be!

Enjoy these photos of my complete table set up, simple and sweet:
For dessert, I made my very first cupcakes. I'll be focusing more on them later on.

I always forget to snap a group shot before everyone leaves..I'll work on that for our next party. I did take a few pictures of the beautiful bride-to-be Mandy with her family and friends who still remained at the shower.

Here is Mandy with her mother Janet, left, and her future mother-in-law Heather on the right.
Above, Mandy is with Kevin's grandmother Priscilla and mother Heather. Below, Mandy is with her main man Kevin and best friend Ashley.
And here is Mandy with me--the host and bridesmaid.
 (I just had to include our out takes--our hands crack me up!)
Thank you for reading!

I'd love to hear about any showers or parties you have hosted recently and your favorite go-to snacks and treats to share :)

Happy Living--Happy Hosting
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. Pretty shower! I'm enthralled by the curtains in the room where you had the food. Where are they from?

  2. is it bad that the first thing that pops in my head is that i am totally jealous of your coffeemaker? it must be 7am and i haven't had any coffee yet. :) i love the yogurt parfait idea!! i'm totally going to have to steal that idea for my next event. nice work!

  3. How beautiful and elegant. The tablescape is gorgeous!

  4. So proud of you Katie, it looks wonderful. For someone who had no interest in the kitchen growing up, you did a great job.

  5. Cute skirt! ;) And beautiful job on the shower as a whole. It looks beautiful!