.10pm on a Sunday.

I am home alone.
Adam is away on a business trip to Vegas.
Without me.
{sad day.}
Colden has been barking like crazy tonight.
The night I am alone.
I have checked my front window countless times.
I think he knows he is the man of the house now.
Our fencing "issue" has been finally worked out.
{insert extra $1500.}
Work continues on the fence tomorrow.
Our truck is in the shop and now our car is acting up.
We leave for NJ on Thursday.
Adam is not here to take care of it.
{i love husbands and their "duties."}
He comes home Wednesday night.
I plucked my eyebrows tonight.
Messed up a bit resulting in thin brows.
{not my favorite.}
Also colored my hair tonight.
Bought my usual color, or so I thought.
{Same model on box, different color.}
So now I am here at 10pm with dark hair and light brown-orangish roots.
Fantastic isn't it?
{lesson learned.}
I have trouble sleeping when Adam is gone.
I miss him.
Nighttime is the worst when he is away.
Thankful to have the girls I nanny here in the morning.
I'm planning to see 'Mirror Mirror' with two girlfriends Tuesday night.
And enjoy a dinner out.
Still leaves me with tomorrow night.
I shopped this afternoon for our upcoming trip to Malaysia.
{i didn't tell you?!}
Adam has another business trip and this time spouses are invited.
It's two weeks long.
In Malaysia.
{i beg you, please pray: 24 hr flight, vaccines, food, water, bugs, diseases, sickness, so much more.}
I overreact sometimes.
And worry too.
That's all I feel like sharing tonight.



  1. Bummer! I can't sleep when my husband is gone either! It actually helps after u have kids surprisingly haha! Hopefully it flies by for you!!

  2. I understand your pain. My husband will be gone this week and I miss him tons when he is gone. But not only do I have my three dogs but my 21 year old son. I am not looking forward to when he moves out. When my husband is traveling a lot I try to plan something fun to do on those evenings, like paint or sew and that keeps me busy. This week I will finish recovering my dining room chairs while I watche tv shows he hates. I hope your week goes well.

  3. I find our pup barks a lot when my husband is away as well. I think that every noise he hears, he thinks it's his dad coming home which just makes me edgy, lol. I enjoy getting the remote once in awhile though and eating whatever I want, whenever I want to. Try to focus on the fun parts maybe and it won't seem so long. Good luck getting through.

  4. My hubby works nights (cop) and after 5 years you would think I would be used to it- nope. I have found sleeping with a fan on stops me from listening for every creak of our old house. Have fun in Malaysia! Look for the good in your trip- I always think the bad happens to those who look for it. ; )
    BTW, your story on the cupcake mix cracked me up!

  5. I don't like flying either AT ALL. Mike and I went on a "help melissa get over her fear of flying" trip to Fort Lauderdale (only 3 hours...i know) last year and I bought myself an iPad just for flying (now I love it). I bought it with my Best Buy credit card and since it was over $500 dollars there is no interest for 18 months I believe...anyway if by chance you plan on doing that, I suggest tacking some itunes gift cards onto that purchase to buy movies, games, and books (interest free). I know it's a very expensive suggestion, but it's a great distraction with lots to do and it helped me tons!

  6. Doesn't it feel like when it rains it pours?? Praying for the car problem to be a quick and cheap fix and for the fence to be better than you ever imagined. (And maybe some overtime for the two of you??) I wish I was going to Malaysia...I have the travel bug right now!! I've been on a bunch of 24+ hour flights and they aren't as bad as they seem. The plane will have movies (it where I always catch up on my movie watching!), you'll catch up on sleep and you can read books. It'll be over before you know it!

  7. My husband goes to a business trip almost every other week. I go to work too so we rarely see each other. I miss him too but we try to make it up by chatting online. We also tried going to a trip during our anniversary, well, after his business. I joined him, taking advantage of some cheap flights to Manila promo, and tour around Philippines after he finished his business there. It was great. It is a good catching up to those moments we missed together.

  8. No matter how busy you are or how much leisure time you spend, it is still sad that your husband is away from you. It is much sadder at nights when you do not have someone to sleep with. I suggest that you join him there and still be with him after his work. You can leave your properties in the guidance of your friends while your gone. I often leave my car at the perth domestic airport parking when I go out of town because I know it is safe there.

  9. It's good to know thought that you were able to do all your responsibilities as a wife. There's a reason why your husband was on trip, for business right? It's part of your lives already. My husband is a businessman as well. He's always out for a business trip, but I always understand him. It's for our family. So, when we're complete, we always make sure to spend time wisely. last time, we went to a caravan park along with out 2 kids. It was only a short period but it's all worth it.

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