.October 12th.

6 years ago today, Adam asked me on our first date.
4 years ago today, he asked me to be his wife.
My life is incredibly blessed thanks to a boy and his questions :)


  1. aw we will have been together 6 years on December 6th. We are blessed ladies aren't we?

  2. I didn't remember that today was such a special day for you! :)
    You are a perfect wife to that boy.
    SOOOO grateful for your influence on him and support of him.
    I wish I were able to experience it more by living CLOSER to you guys.
    Ah well...
    God is good.
    Thanks for prioritizing time with us recently. It meant the world.
    Much love, my sister...

  3. Our anni is coming up soon too. I love being married! And having kiddos to share my life with is the best! Happy anniversary :)

  4. What a sweet blog. Great pics of your loving family. Like your crafts too. Teresa, SC

  5. So delayed on this one but I remember both of those days very well! :) Love and miss you lady!


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