.Little Things Bring Smiles Part 23.

The name of my blog is

Little Things Bring Smiles.

I chose this title because it is important to remember the little things in life and to rejoice in them. My reason for blogging is to share my life, all parts of it {including the good, the bad, and the ugly} along with my new home, crafts, and DIY projects I complete. Each month I want to focus on the little things that brought smiles to my days. 

I would love for you to share your little things to see if they bring a smile to me, or another reader :)

 Here are my little things from September:

- Having a friend from college visit for the weekend
- Traveling to Chesapeake to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday
- Finding a few small accessories for our house at an antique shop
- Seeing Colden's little paw indentations on our couch cushions
- Having the air conditioning off for an entire month now!
- Adding extra blankets to our bed
- Drinking morning coffee with my love
- Taking weekend trips to the apple orchard with friends
- Going out for dinner
- Having a special "Adam/Katie" day with the girls I watch at the pumpkin patch
- Celebrating birthdays with friends
- Watching Adam have a little too much fun slicing/chopping/mutilating the cured ham 
  we bought at the orchard
- Playing with my pup
- Wearing a fleece for the first time this season
- Completing more house projects
- Adding two new pieces of furniture to our house
- Planning a trip to MN!
- Eating hot brownies (gluten free of course!) with vanilla ice cream on top
- Staying inside on cold rainy days
- Having a fridge and pantry stocked with food (we are so blessed)

Now it's your turn. Always remember,
Little Things Bring Smiles!