.Apples, Pumpkins, Boots, Scarves, and Babies..The Perfect Saturday.

This past weekend was truly awesome!

Adam and I spent it with people we LOVE with weather in the upper 60's doing Fall things--told ya it was awesome! We spent the morning and afternoon at Drumheller's Orchard enjoying the beautiful mountains and crisp air. A few of us enjoyed big bowls of scrumptious brunswick stew while others ate smoked BBQ. After the orchard we continued driving through the mountains and stopped at an antique shop where we bought some goodies. Then we stopped at the WinterGreen Resort to have a look around. Our day ended with dinner at the Briar Patch and began our night of sweatpants and relaxing for all--the boys (I mean men) played video games for 5 hrs straight while the women perused the internet looking at (you guessed it) pinterest, facebook, and blogs. It was perfect :)

Here are a few photos from our time at the orchard:
And I have a confession..Adam bought one of these:
I have never prepared or eaten a cured ham (is that even the right term??)--I am scared and a bit grossed out, guess this Jersey girl does not have enough country in her..

The ham has been soaking in cold water (which gets changed out for fresh water every couple of hours) for over 24 hours now to rid it from the salt. And now..HELP! I know it's already cooked so I guess it has to be skinned and either warmed in the oven or sliced and fried on the stove..

I am open to suggestions friends :)

Happy Fall!


  1. Hahaha! I had to laugh at the "I am open to suggestions..." and nothing in comments section! I am no help, either. I normally go to the grocery store and follow the instructions VERY closely.
    But the no comments really DID bring a smile to my face. Thanks!

  2. Cured ham is the right term. I'd say warm it in oven and have it with mash potatoes and veg. You can do pretty much anything with it though. Just treat it like a normal ham but made easier as you don't have to cook it!

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