.Womp Womp.

While in Iceland, Adam's power cord for his laptop broke.

Womp womp.

We ordered a new one on amazon and were told we may have to wait til the end of March--that is 20 something days!

Womp Womp.

Did I forget to mention it is our only "house" computer?

Womp womp.

We took lovely photos from our trip and I am excited to share them with you however I will need to work on my posts in Adam's office and this weekend we were asked last minute to keep the girls I nanny til late Sunday night.

Womp womp.

Iceland posts (and other posts) coming next week!


  1. Bummer. Did you ever mention why you guys took the trip to Iceland? Was it vacation? Planned? Spontaneous?

    Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. Is that "womps" from the cartoon Recess? My kids loved that show. Sorry to hear about your power cord. My computer was in for work laste September and I went through withdrawls.

  3. Congratulations. I just said "womp womp" out loud every time that I read it. - Alex