.Iceland-Day Four & Five.

After taking a short break from the Iceland posts (I thought you all could use a change up) we are back with the final two days! Thanks for reading along on our first trip ever leaving the good ol' USA.

Day Four: I have been eager to relive this day and share it with you. Adam and I spent the entire morning and afternoon at the Blue Lagoon. Friends, if you are ever in Iceland, this is a MUST GO! We finally understood the true meaning of 'relaxation' thanks to the milky hot waters.
We were a bit excited and the first ones on the bus--I believe we were actually 10 minutes early, woohoo! As we arrived to enjoy the silica rich mineral waters everyone raved about, we were greeted by pure beauty. Adam and I commented we now understood our childhood crayon boxes that had 'Glacier Blue' marked as a color.
As you can see in the photos above, the floor covering is a thick mud. This mud is silica which gives the water it's milky appearance. It is also known to have healing powers for your skin and the Blue Lagoon recommends people to rub it all over their bodies. If you are wondering whether or not Adam and I did--well, I guess you will have to continue reading :)
I post these next pictures with a full heart. Thanks to my husband and Heavenly Father, I have successfully lost 30 pounds and on the track of getting healthy! This was the first two piece I have worn in 5 years and friends, it has never felt so good!
After our morning "bath" we ventured inside to take showers and lay down in the resort's relaxation corner. For those of you who read Day Three, let me say I came prepared for nakedness! I wore my swimsuit under my clothes so I was ready as soon as I stepped foot in the locker room. Unlike the last place, the Blue Lagoon has shower stalls with closed doors for those of us who have a thing for modesty..ME ME ME! I still saw lots and lots of naked women but I am proud to say no one saw my naked body, SUCCESS! Adam and I both took close to a two hour nap in these fabulous chairs:
Because we visited Iceland during it's off season, at times we literally had the place ourselves. Privacy, warm sun, hot steam, bubbling waters, and my husband..yes, it was a good day.
After our nap we ate lunch downstairs in the cafe and then headed back out into the waters. I have a feeling you will enjoy these photos :)
 Oh yes we did ;)
The weather quickly began changing and we all knew a storm was a' brewing. Just check out this moon ring below, a clear indicator snow is on it's way!
Before we headed back to catch the shuttle to our hotel, Adam and I took showers and changed into real clothes. I am pretty certain I used an entire bottle of conditioner in my hair--the silica waters may be good for your skin but they leave your hair feeling like straw..still totally worth it! We ventured onto the roof to see the view and snag one last picture of our time there. The snow was already falling!
We got back to our hotel around 6pm and hiked back to The Pearl for dinner. Our night was chill and we simply enjoyed each other's company.

Day Five: This morning was our final time waking up in Iceland. We were showered, packed, and ready to go with two hours to spare before our shuttle picked us up for the airport. Adam and I ate lunch at the hotel's restaurant and enjoyed an Icelandic buffet: Cucumber and mango, broccoli, couscous, sweet potatoes and cauliflower in red sauce, red fish with pesto sauce, and potatoes in cucumber sauce. The best part of the meal is sadly not pictured, pumpkin soup--it was delicious! I am also going to miss the coffee there, you were always served a little piece of chocolate with it.
 Last pictures of my man in Reykjavik, Iceland:
The cameras were packed up as we boarded our shuttle followed by our plane. My parents picked us up at JFK around 9pm after a 6.5 hour flight and treated us to dinner and one of our favorite diners. Keep in mind we were eating dinner 4am Iceland time--so strange! Adam and I rested up the next 2 days as we were staying with my folks in NJ.

You made it to the end of our Iceland vacation! I feel like I owe you a prize for staring at our faces for so long :) I hope this excites you to experience other cultures and I sure hope that little travel bug has taken a nice bite out of you! Now you tell me--

Have you ever left the country? If so, where?


  1. So Katie, Iceland is definitely not some place I'd ever wanna go (I despise the cold) but after seeing your vacation, I'm mesmerized by this place :o) I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful, wonderful time!

  2. I had a friend who taught up there. She loved it. Put Newfoundland on your to do list. I've been to Canada, Mexico, Turkey and Germany.

  3. Sounds amazing! you're making me want to hop on a plane and go. :) I've been to Canada & France, both awesome!

  4. Your trip looks, and sounds, like it was wonderful!!! I have really enjoyed all the pictures!!!
    The one and only time we have been outside of the US was this past January when we went to Jamaica!- It was absolutely the most amazing time we could have ever imagined!!! We loved every minute of it. Here are (some of) my pictures if you are interested:
    Thanks for sharing all of yours!

  5. You know, Iceland has never been on my list of places I'd like to visit, but looking at your photos might have changed my mind a bit. My first trip out of the U.S. (not counting Canada) was when my parents took me to Israel when I was 12 - amazing experience. I spent a summer in Italy and Switzerland when I was in high school, and the hubby and I have lived all over the world (multiple countries in Africa, and various locations in Indonesia - plus, he grew up in South America), so we're always up for experiencing new cultures. Sadly, we haven't been outside the U.S. since we moved back to the States in 2008, but one of these days, our passports will see use again... :-) Thanks for the tour of a beautiful country!

  6. seriously that is awesome! you guys look like you have so much fun together, and had an amazing time. putting all that stuff on your face/body reminds me of being in the dead sea, in israel, and putting the mud all over my face and body, too.

    we're getting ready to go on vacation in 3 weeks, to aruba. not as exciting as iceland, but it's time for a relaxing and vegging vacation after last year's adventure vacation/last year in general.

  7. Now i wanna go! I've been in the airport for a layover, but thats about it :) The pictures of you guys are so cute!
    I've been to London, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras...I have to say London was probably the BEST, and if you go to France, be prepared for some goat cheese ;)

  8. My boyfriend and I booked a trip to go to Iceland this August. Your posts are making it impossible to wait!! And I think your notes are going to help us immensely. Thanks for sharing and so glad you had a fabulous time! I would LOVE to travel in the winter... one day it will surely happen :)