.March 20th.

March 20th is the first official day of Spring.
 ..but that's not all in my family..

March 20th also marks my parents' wedding anniversary.
Today they are celebrating 30 years!

My parents met at the tender ages of 16 and 17 and were high school sweethearts.

They have been together ever since--36 years to be exact!

My parents have been the greatest example of God's love and taught me how to find that love, be that love, and spread that love with others. I truly thank the Lord daily for blessing me with caring, loving, and funny parents who have always protected, nurtured, and provided for me and my brother. As Scott and I each got married, our parents' number of children grew and it has been a special gift watching as they love our spouses with their whole hearts. 


Mom and Dad, 

I am lucky to have been raised by two people who know and love our Heavenly Father. Your example of teamwork and partnership amazes me and is something Adam and I strive for daily. Thank you for being an encouragement in our marriage and for being real with us, sharing what you have learned along your 30 years. We look up to you both and know your love, your marriage, and your dedication pleases the Lord. 

Adam and I are sending you our love today.

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary to the Morrows! We are so fortunate to know such a lovely couple! (And happy 1st day of spring too!)

  2. Thank you so much Katie for your kind and loving words. We both would do it all over again. Hard to believe 30 years have passed and we wish you both the same happiness in your marriage.

  3. Aww! I love when I hear about people's parents still being together. My parents have been married for almost 35 years and my in-laws for almost 40! My huby and I have good role models:)