.Our Dining Room: One Year In + Source List

My goal is to show the progress Adam and I have made in our home after our first year. Most of our house has truly not been touched at all while other rooms, like our living room and dining room, have come a long way.

When we bought our house it did not come with a dining room rather an eat in kitchen. While we enjoy being able to eat in our kitchen, we did not enjoy the messy dishes and countertops staring at us and more importantly our guests as we ate dinner. This led us into converting our front office into a small but perfect dining room.

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Today our dining room is feeling more lived in and that thrills me. The chandelier and chairs will soon be changed out for a lighter, fresher look. We are also searching for the perfect map (found one but its a bit too expensive) or wall art to replace to the tree piece which we still love but think it looks a bit small.  I am on the hunt for the right rug to add just not sure what color/style to go as of now. 

Adam recently added corner shelving over our air return "box" and with a few accessories and plants, the entire space is looking much better! 

Take a look at our Dining Room:
A few 'before' and 'after' photos from same angle:

Source List:
Chairs: Target (I purchased these chairs 3 years ago, looks like the price has gone up a bit since.)

Curtains: Ikea

Table: Ikea

Chandelier: Ikea (Cannot locate the exact one online but the link shows you a similar one.)

Tree Art: Target (Again, cannot locate the exact piece but linked up a close option.)

Colden Painting: Lesli DeVito (This was Adam's Christmas present from me and now we finally have the perfect spot to display Lesli's beautiful work of our dog.--I was so happy to have found Lesli and her talent thanks to this post from Modern Jane. A fun little side note Lesli lives not far from us and often sells her pieces in one of our favorite day trip places :) I highly suggest viewing her work as well as her beautiful house.)

Corner Shelving: Lowe's

Tree and plant: Lowe's

Watercolor prints: Etsy

Owl: Little Shop in Keene, NY (We bought on our anniversary trip)

Books: Amazon

Hour Glass: Michael's (bought on clearance)

Thanks for reading :)

Happy Living--Happy Dining
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--

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  1. Have you thought about just slip covering the chairs and getting little clip on shades for the chandelier?

  2. your style is SO refreshing! i need to hire you :))

  3. i always love corner shelving, and want to do something like that in my computer room on a grand scale. this looks great, and what kind of plant is that? rubber tree? money tree? i stink at plants!

  4. I love your space, it looks fantastic, fresh, and clean. I would love to feature your space, but I don't see CraftOManiac linked up anywhere. I hope I am mistaken. Thanks a bunch, jen

    1. Thanks Jennie! I just added a link to my link parties page that includes your blog :)

  5. Love this just as much as your living room reveal. I'm going to have to look back into your archives and see what your wall color is! I've been looking for a soft, neutral gray to use for our kitchen and living room.

    1. Thank you Kristin! Here is the post with the paint info: http://www.littlethingsbringsmiles.com/2011/10/painting-saga.html

  6. Katie, that sure is a BIG change! Love the colors that you used - the curtains and accessories make your room so bright and fresh!

  7. You are so good at the details - everything always looks so pulled together! Such a great transformation!

  8. What a light and airy space. Love the punches of color. The idea of shelves is great! We have a big empty wall in our dining room that I've been waiting to find a wine rack to hang. The shelf idea might be a great fit instead.

  9. OMG "COLDEN" LOOKS AMAZING...AS DOES YOUR HOUSE!!! Thanks for the props! and so good to hear form you!!!!