.New Light Fixture.

Hello friends! 

I am still rather sick which means not much of anything has happened in our home this past week except for one new addition thanks to my hubs--

Adam was a gem of a husband and installed our new light fixture before leaving for a business trip to NYC. Some of you may have spotted our new light in this post since it's a bit..what's the word?--oh right, LARGE!

Here she is:
I have been loving these basket lights from IKEA for many months now but had to work hard to convince Adam they were cool. (I'm still working on it..) They remind me of my grandma's house I grew up visiting so it makes my heart feel good looking at them, simple as that! When the price was marked down 70% back in May, we knew it was our time to pounce. We scooped up one large and two small fixtures. 

The original plan was to install the big fixture in the upstairs nook over the stairs and place one small in our dining room and the other in our kitchen. I listened to Adam's persuasion, and used the large 24" light fixture in our dining room. He was right, it just works.
It's big.

And paired with the curtains and Craigslist chairs it's feeling a little--dare I use the "R" word--Retro?! Yikes. That word scares me but I have to admit, I think I like it.
Please ignore the empty corner gallery in the background and pretend the piece of artwork behind the new light is twice the size..just squint a little :) I came across this image on Curbly a few days ago and after typing in 'nail and string art' on Pinterest, it's official--I am planning on doing this to the wall with the tree art! 

Stay tuned friends :)


  1. Very cute! Where did you get your curtains?

    1. Thanks Kat! The curtains also came from Ikea, what can I say--I just kinda love that store ;) Here's the link for ya:


  2. I love these basket designs! I’m thinking of doing the same thing when we find for rent makati houses.

  3. I like it too! I think I would design some part of our new house with basket-inspired theme.