.Our Living Room: One Year In + Source List.

Happy Monday! 

How are you doing this fine morning? I am utterly exhausted from this past week and weekend. The girls I nanny (ages 5, 3, and 11 months) stayed with Adam and I for four nights while their parents were away not to mention I had them all day everyday Mon-Fri from 830am-430pm.

Phew, I'm wiped. Right now I am thankful for morning baby naps and morning Summer camp for the big girls. I have roughly an hour and a half before loading baby into the car and picking up the big sisters so I thought I'd write this post!


Adam and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on June 20th with dinner and a movie. We took our adventure trip here and opted for a nice relaxing night doing two things we love: eating and movie watching. We had dinner at a local Italian place who serves delicious gluten-free pizza and saw Men in Black 3. Both were hits, the food and especially the movie--I recommend seeing it, great great story!
 I blame my smiles lines, ahem, wrinkles on him ;)
Our wedding anniversary is also our house anniversary!  

Adam and I signed on our very first house together one year ago on our two year anniversary. Great timing and talk about best gift ever! :) Since we are exactly one year in, I wanted to show you the progress we have made on our living room. Remember where we started only 6 weeks after the move?
 And remember the update from November when our living room made serious progress?
I shared two crafting/decorating tutorials with you: Fabric Letters and Sliced Wood Wall Art. (I also made a sunburst mirror out of wooden shims but never got around to writing a post on that..is it too late to do one?)
And I posted an assortment of vignettes:


Now here is the latest update of our living room! 
(These photos were taken after a good, thorough cleaning..please do not think my house always looks like this--with the 3 girls I nanny and a dog, believe me it gets dirty!) Enjoy!
There is still decorating to be done on our tv console and the curtains still need to be hemmed but the rest of the room is feeling, dare I say it--complete!

I have been asked before what my "style" is and to tell you the truth, it's a mixture of just about everything! During my pinterest perusing, I do find myself typing in the search bar these following things: "mid century modern" "minimalist" and "rustic modern". So maybe my style is a bit of all three? Or neither. Ha, who knows I just like it :)

Like I mentioned earlier, the sunburst mirror-fabric letters-and sliced wood wall art were all made by me using inexpensive things. As much as I love all three in the room, Adam is the star in my opinion because he built me that beautiful sofa table!! I love my man for taking on such a project..it was his very first wood building project ever--pretty incredible right?

Here is a source list for the big items in our living room:

Cliff the deer head is a Christmas present from Adam who was just hung about three weeks ago, sorry to leave ya hangin' for so long Cliff! It is from Z Gallerie, you can see the link here. We love him.

Our amazing couch, which has been the BEST purchase we have made recently, is from IKEA. Our dog has peed on the cushions and one of the girls I watch has thrown up on another and I am happy to report after a little dry cleaning action they are as good as new!

The curtains can be found here. They are crazy bright and cheery, enough said :)

Couch pillows are also from IKEA. Super comfy, super cheap, super big!

Lamps are from Big Lots. $40 each which I think is a great price for the lamp base AND shade!

Frames are from Target and unfortunately, I need one more and my local store has discontinued them and I cannot find them online. Arg.

TV console is from IKEA..yes, I know..we love that store! We purchased a BESTA shelf and then picked out two doors we liked, all under the BESTA series.

Woven ottomans/baskets are from Amazon. We bought them on sale for $39.99 I believe so keep your eyes open for them to go on sale again! They are fabulous--they act as a coffee table when we need something sturdy and they store all of our blankets and someday toys :)

Room light fixture is brand new and has replaced our big ugly ceiling fan. While many of you, aka my mom, think it is foolish to get rid of a fan, it has made our room feel so much bigger and lighter-we love it! The light is found here.

The Shiba Inu puzzle was purchased from Etsy at this great shop and the dried craspedia were from here.

The big white shag rug is our second favorite next to the couch. It is so soft and vacuums up well--no mess at all! Colden, our dog, can be found simply rolling around playing on the rug. Seriously, it is that awesome! We bought it from Overstock.


I did it again--long post. I will try to keep them shorter for you, really I will. There is just so much to say when I actually sit down to blog. Maybe I should simply blog more often, now there's an idea ;)

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment asking questions or simply to tell me your thoughts on our living room one year in :)


  1. It all looks great, Katie! And hey--I can hem your curtains for ya if you'd like! I made new curtains for our bedroom a few months ago so hemming should be a cinch. :) Maybe you can bring them next time you visit? :) Love you and Happy 3 Years to you and Adam! Where does the time go?!

  2. hi Katie, I enjoy your blog posts especially of your travel adventures! I still am wanting to know where you got the chevron inspired dress you wore on your trip with Adam's work.??? Can you share that info/ Thank you:) It is so pretty! Happy Anniversary too!

    1. Hi Valerie! The dress is from Target :) I bought it two months ago so it may not be in the stores anymore but you can always check online! It has been my Summer go to dress--so light and airy :) Thanks for reading!

  3. i must commend you on your excellent karate chopped pillow skills! lol, i never do that, i think my pillows don't have enough give. happy anniversaries!

  4. its beautiful katie and adam.. you have amazing decorating style and taste.. (must run in the family? lol) i love you both! would love to come and see first hand and get involved in a project with you two.. i do have power tools ya know!! <3
    auntie lin

  5. Katie your house is gorgeous! But I couldn't help but notice the puppy. He/she kinda looks like a fox :)

  6. Yes, your decorating style & tastes come from my side of the family, but not me. Aunt Linda has rubbed off on you and you got her wonderful eye and talent for decorating and crafting. I am hopeless. Everything looks wonderful. You both have worked very hard and the deck looks great. I was expecting orange, but it looks nice. Hard to believe you are in the house one year already. It all looks great! Love you
    PS - naming the deer Cliff is so funny.

  7. Happy Anniversary Katie and Adam!!! lucky number 3...and counting :)

    And I'm pretty sure I've drooled over your living room a few times now...seriously, it's such a REFRESHING makeover. Fab job!! xo

    and happy monday to you!

  8. I seriously love your living room! So perfect. And I totally agree with you - that new light fixture is great!

  9. always clean.. ^^

  10. I`m delighted. It was worth the effort!

  11. I love the green sofa. It's such a bold piece but anchors the space well. The sunburst mirror looks great over it.

  12. The room looks great! I can't wait to make my own fabric letters with your tutorial...and please post about how to make the sunburst mirror. It's never too late!!

  13. Happy wedding and homeowners anniversary katie! your house is looking great :o)

  14. Your living room is friggin gorgeous! Love the couch, the wood wall art, and the sunburst mirror! Happy anniversary to you both :)

  15. Happy anniversary! Just love the minty green - so pretty and fresh and clean!

  16. Love this! The mint couch is so awesome--it completely makes the space! Great job!

  17. Wow! Your room turned out great!! Congrats on the anniversary too :)

  18. Congratulation with the anniversary and the make over! That's incredible and so lovely colours you have chosen! Have a wonderful week

  19. So fun and fresh! Love the mint green sofa!

  20. Love the transformation and your style =) Reminds me a lot of Young House Love's style! Look forward to more and now a follower.

  21. I love your color choices. It's a great room!

  22. WOW! I love everything about your updated room. EVERYTHING! The wood wall art, the fabric letters, the COUCH, the pillows...

    Newest Follower!
    Katie - Something To Be Found

  23. It looks like a total different room! Great choice of colors! I hope you could share your living room reveal at my link party every Friday called Passions Parade Friday Soiree!


  24. Love the fabric letters! Those look so great along with your room pictures. I'm a new follower and would love if you followed back at www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

  25. I love everything you have done with this room. I especially love the deer head. I've been eyeing one for months.

  26. I love the lamps! And big lots of all places?!

  27. The couch is awesome! Which series at Ikea is it, because I can't find any of the couches in that mint color.