.Corner Gallery: Part 1.

I am genuinely excited to share this project with you. I've been planning it in my head for months and months and all of a sudden, I acted on a whim and went for it! Here's a peek:
The past two nights I felt surprisingly bold and confident and began working on our corner gallery late at night..we are talking starting at 9pm. It worked out well because Adam was busy working in the dining room on his website the first night and last night was working on building the last wall in the garage (another project to share).

::taking a step back::

The truth is I have been extremely indecisive about decorating our new house. It has almost been one full year since moving in and yet I feel as though my decor does not represent that time frame. Maybe I've felt pressure of making it look great..maybe I've been nervous to mess up..maybe I've been trying to fully understand the mood I want the house to express..not sure what the exact reason is but I've been taking my sweet ol' time decorating.

This is why it is so strange I busted out a huge corner gallery in only two nights and mostly all by myself (Adam showed me a great technique I will share later in the post). I cannot believe I did it and most of all how easy it was for me to make decisions!

Here's how it all went down..

After my spray painting fail, read here, I drove myself to Target and Walmart to buy different sized white frames. I had no idea of a layout or how many I needed, I simply bought the frames in pairs making sure I had at least two of every size frame. On our recent trip to IKEA, Adam and I picked up our last few frames again without knowing how many we should buy. We just went with it, very relaxed about the whole thing.

Two nights ago I brought all of our bags to the kitchen table and began unwrapping the frames. It hit me then we may have bought too many but in fact we bought the absolute perfect number--I just LOVE dumb luck :) I started laying out the frames on our kitchen floor and within minutes, yes minutes, I had my final look. I was shocked at how quickly the process went even more so that I was pleased, tickled even at how great it looked. I asked Adam to take a look and his response was perfect, "Really, you're done. And happy with it?"

Yes and yes! Take a look:
I truly do not know how it happened but it did! I was thrilled with the layout and immediately began hanging them on the wall. Adam helped me measure to get the two big frames centered where I wanted them on the wall and then taught me this great technique. I do want to quickly apologize for the picture quality, most were taken at night and then this morning on a very rainy dark day. I am well aware the white balance is off and you can see the harsh daylight versus the soft, warm inside lights. 

Anyway..here is Adam's technique for hanging the frames:

Step 1: Place masking tape on the back of your frame. Make sure the edge of the tape is flush with the bottom edge of the frame.
Step 2: Trim the excess tape off that is sticking over the frame.
Step 3: Pull the remaining tape off of frame. You are now left with a tape strand the exact width of your frame. Set aside, will use later.
Step 4: After you have your frame in the set position you like (..and checked with measurements) simply hold it in place while you place a new piece of masking tape flush with the top of your frame and label it like so:
Step 5: Place your frame down and take your cut piece of tape (the one that is the exact width of your frame, from Step 3) and place it directly under your tape labeled, "top."
Step 6: (This may require help from a partner) Hold your frame back in place with the top of your frame flush with the bottom edge of the piece of tape labeled "top." Take a ruler and measure your frame's width, marking on the tape where the center is. For example, if the frame is 10 inches wide, you need to make a mark at 5 inches.
Step 7: Place frame down once again and pick up your nail and hammer. Line the nail up with your mark and place it UNDER your cut piece of tape from Step 3. This will ensure your frame will hang at the exact height you want.
Step 8: Once your nail is hammered in the wall, check out your work by hanging up your frame. The top of the frame should be flush with the bottom edge of your labeled tape.
 Step 9: After it is hanging, place a level on top and tweak the frame as needed.
Step 10: Continue until you are finished--woohoo!

I shared this step by step process with you because this truly helped me complete our corner gallery in no time, I hope it helps you too! Last night at 1am I completed the first part of our corner gallery and took a few pictures this morning, take a look:
The idea to do a corner gallery came from this stunning image found on Pinterest (left) and the white frames inspiration came from Young House Love (right). After viewing these two beautiful galleries months and months ago my mind was made clear..I had to do this!
I am afraid our Corner gallery: Part 2 may take quite a while to complete. I am not certain what will fill our frames but I'm thinking photos (duh) mixed in with art both homemade and from Etsy. It will take time and this may sound silly but I am pleased with having just the empty frames up--they alone make me happy :)

All of that to say, don't be on the look out for Part 2 anytime soon..it will come--some day!

Happy Living--Happy Gallery Making
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. Wow! I love it! I wish I had a corner wall in my house too!

  2. Loving the corner gallery wall idea! Don't feel bad about your slow decorating... we've lived in our house for almost 5 years and most of my walls still remain empty!

  3. Miss Katie (I will always refer to you as that =]) It looks great! any amount of progress is still progress! I always love how you decorate your house, inspires me to really think about how I want to decorate my home in the future, and to really work to create a certain feel throughout the house.

  4. This looks awesome! I love it and the arrangement is perfect =)

    Visiting from The Shabby Nest

  5. looks awesome katie! it will be fun to look for stuff to fill the frames with! when i started my plate wall that was the most fun part, its like a scavenger hunt!

  6. Wow, I am so impressed! It looks so great, even if you never get around to filling the frames! :) I was actually thinking you've gotten a ton done since you moved in; we've been in our house for over 2 years, and I've accomplished only a fraction of what you have. :) I've had so much fun, by the way, going back through your old posts about your house. It is so gorgeous - I could go on and on about all the things I love. Well done!

  7. What corner of the house? I was confused by the picture. Where? It looks great.

  8. Excellent! If only I have more empty walls to spare :)

    Best regards from Serbia,

  9. So gorgeous! What a creative idea!

    I'm a new follower & I'm pinning this for future inspiration.

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  10. This looks so pretty! I am like you, I've got a lotta empty wall space in my home. Someday.....

    Nikki Kelly

  11. I love when everything works out perfectly like that. It looks AWESOME!

  12. I love that it wraps around the corner! You will have fun filling those frames over time. :) And I can identify with the hesitation to decorate. We have been homeowners for about 15 months now and I still sometimes wonder why we don't have more done. It's definitely a process. :)

  13. This looks great! Congrats on finishing it!

  14. Looks great!!! Totally know what to do to that wall of mine! thanks!


  15. This looks fantastic!!!! I absolutely have to do this no--great job!

  16. Wow! This looks so cool!
    Kindest regards,

  17. love it! what a fun idea. it turned out great!

  18. oh heck yes! i love this, even more so as a corner arrangement. this has been on my to do radar, too.

  19. I love this and I am going to copy it in my new home....great job. I'm a new follower too cause' I am just finding you. Stop by anytime, Lori

  20. Seriously? This is the best gallery I have ever seen! I featured you today in my Friday I'm In Love favorites!!


    Jenn @ Social Salutations

  21. This is fabulous - trust your instincts as you've got style!

    Pinning this!

  22. That is just too cool. I know that was hard hard hard to do!

  23. This turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! Thanks for sharing the tips ~~~

  24. Wow that looks awesome! Not sure if I have the guts/patience to try something like that.

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