.Felt Tree Tutorial.

I'm back in tutorial mode.
Sorry it's been this long.
I finally decided to stop my real life for a day {laundry, nannying, cooking, and cleaning} to simply
c r a f t .
It was a fabulous afternoon and night.
I made these little beauties:
Felt Trees
This project was simple, quick, and actually stress free. I will write out the steps for the easy peasy way and if you are like me, the OCD "perfectionist" way :)

Materials needed for Felt Tree:

- Foam Cone 
- Colored Felt (6 pieces for large, 4 pieces for medium, 3 pieces for small)
- Glue Gun
- Glue Sticks
- Sharp, Craft Scissors
- Optional: Ruler

Preparing your Felt: 

1. Select color(s) of your choosing
2. Select the amount of sheets needed for size of your foam cone.
3. Cut the entire felt sheet into strips. If you are like me, use your ruler to measure out 2 inch strips on your felt sheet. Do this for every felt sheet you purchased.
4. Cut out your strips using your sharp scissors.
5. Using your hot glue gun, draw a thin line onto one edge of your cut out felt strip.
6. Simply fold your felt strip in half pressing down on the hot glue line.
7. Cut small lines on the folded edge of your glued felt strip. If you are like me, break out your ruler again and draw a line about one centimeter up from your folded edge and trace with a pencil. This will act as your height line while cutting small lines on your folded edge so they are all even.
8. Repeat step 7 over and over again until all of your strips have small lines cut in them.
9. Bust out your foam cone(s) and remove plastic wrap.
10. Choose one felt glued/cut strip and wrap around cone. The felt sticks to the styrofoam which is convenient and the felt also can stretch to make itself longer if you need.
11. When your glued/cut felt strip is in place, hot glue the edges onto your styrofoam cone. If you are like me, you can alternate the pattern the small cut lines making them alternate or you can keep line lined up. It will appear like this after using 3 strips:
As you get further up your foam cone, your strips will be too long. Simply cut off the excess and save it! I used mostly all of my scraps for the top area of the cone. It is important to keep all "seams" on one side of your cone so it can be the back and you are left with clean lines in the front and sides.
12. When you reach the top, it will be more challenging. Cut out a small circle from leftover felt and hot glue it in place. It will not be pointy but still look like a evergreen tree! :)
Enjoy your trees!

Happy Living--Happy Christmas Crafting
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. Super cute! I love the blue with the traditional Christmas colors, too. Can't wait to see these in person next week! :)

  2. It's perfect Katie...it looks like home...:)xo

  3. aw these are cute katie :o) how exciting to spend your first Christmas in your own home!

  4. Ok your house looks like a showroom :) it's so perfect!

  5. Ps what lens do you use on your camera Katie? I never can get a good "whole room" pic with my nice lenses

  6. These are so sweet - love the color choice, too

  7. Katie, Is that what you wanted ME to make with you? It never would have looked that way if I tried very very hard. It looks very nice.

  8. I adore these trees! What a gorgeous idea! I have got to do this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. very pretty! Love the colors you made and your whole room looks fabulous:)

  10. Really cute! I like the colours you chose.

  11. Katie, I love these trees. I was looking for something to add to my Christmas shelf and now I know exactly what I will use!

  12. sooo cute. Definitely staying a while to look around your blog.

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    Angie From A Little Inspiration

  14. EEEP! How super duper CUTE are these?! WOWZA. I love 'em. :)

    You are so crafty....I think I need to get to work and create some for my home! I LOVE Christmas crafts!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo

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    winks, jen

  17. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  18. OMG, so wonderful, I never seen them made in felt, and I quite like the felt look. I like a more natural look. Also love the colors, with the tree design. Also felt is so great to work with. I hope you will consider sharing this with Sunday's Best going on now.

  19. It's beautiful, thank you for sharing the tutorial.

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  22. These are so great. Love the colors of the trees. LOVE the pictures you took. Great job.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  23. These are so fun! You craft the cutest things. :) Doesn't it feel good to take a break from "real life" every so often?

  24. LOVE IT. I'm all about crafts that just need hot glue and scissors :) And the colors are fantastic too!

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  28. Really cute, and I like the addition of the turquoise to the traditional red and green.

  29. These are so cute. I really love the unique addition of the blue to the traditional red and green.
    **Visiting from C.R.A.F.T.**

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  31. Omygosh that is so cute! What a fabulous little thrifty project:) They look amazing!

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  35. Wow! You are a Christmas crafting genius! So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    Please stop by for a visit to my blog. I am currently in the midst of a Gifts to Make series.

    Be Merry and Bright!

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    Heather Lynne

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