.Christmas came early for the Morrows.

Last week Adam and I felt like little elves as we were scurrying about our home and stores preparing for the Morrow family Christmas. 

We did it. 

Shopping- check!
Cleaning- check!
Wrapping- check!
Cooking- check!
Decorating- check!
Hosting- check!
Making sweet memories- check!

My parents from NJ along with my brother, sister-in-law, and little niece from Chesapeake all came to our home to celebrate Christmas early this year. This was the first time my brother and sister-in-law have been to our new house since moving in and we were ecstatic to show them around and the changes we have made. It was wonderful hosting everyone, cooking for them, serving them, loving on them--it was a good Christmas indeed. Our days were filled with strong coffee, yummy food, great conversation, afternoon walks, gift exchanges, and playing with little Emma. Our evenings were filled with more food, Christmas movies, and late nights playing board games. By the end of the weekend my cheeks actually ached from smiling and laughing, true story friends, true story.

 God has blessed our family tremendously and I am fortunate to be loved by such amazing people I respect with my whole heart. Spending time with everyone was the perfect gift this year..especially in my own home! Here are snapshots from our "early" Christmas morning together. Coffee, pajamas, smiles, and no make up were the trend this year :)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


  1. I've heard that "Killing Lincoln" is an excellent book (my dad just finished reading it, so I think I need to snag it from his library).

    Totally unrelated, I think I have the fleece pants that your husband(? - I'm still new here, so trying to figure out who everyone is) is wearing. My husband gave them to me last year for Christmas (from Target). And if your mom(?) is wearing fleece pants (those snowflake ones), and they came from Target, he got me those too. Did I mention that I'm always cold? ;-)

    Looks like you had a lovely time with your family and a glorious early Christmas!

  2. It was a fabulous weekend, Katie! We had SUCH a wonderful time, which only makes us miss you all more when we are gone. We'll be back to your beautiful home again very soon! Love you! :)

  3. You look so much like your dad, that is where you get your smile from for sure! looks like a great time, makes me miss my family!

  4. oh how fun!!! goodness I wish we could have Christmas early this year! and on Christmas day...and again after New Years ;) Your family looks like a wonderful bunch of people!

  5. Family, coffee, late-night boards game....How Fun!

  6. how fun! Is this your little gal's first christmas? It's my first as a mother and I am so excited for Evelyn's first Christmas morning!