This weekend was lovely..

Cool weather.
Open windows.
Road trip with the hubs.
New Weepies album.
Family visit.
Niece's first birthday.

My sister-in-law Kim, from Little Rays of Sunshine, worked long and hard preparing for her baby girl's first birthday party and I am happy to report it was a total success. My niece Emma made everyone smile and was loved on by all.

Birthday Girl Emma Grace

Proud parents
My awesome folks!
Emma with her cake, she was a little unsure in the beginning :)
For more pictures and details, check out Kim's blog!

Adam and I feel extremely blessed and love our "jobs" as Auntie and Uncle :)
Thanks for reading, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow- now that's a CAKE!

  2. that cake looks awesome! i always wanted to buy one of those cup cake pans from as seen on tv LOL

  3. Aw, thanks for the sweet post Katie! Her first birthday was so perfect. I'm thrilled you and Adam could be there to celebrate with us. We miss you guys already!

    PS--I used a coupon and bought the giant cupcake pan from Michael's. SO much fun to bake with!

  4. oh oh how fun!! your niece is ADORABLE :) i just love her tu-tu!! and her big cupcake cake is fantastic! glad you had such a wonderful weekend Katie :)

    and thank you so so much for your sweet note on our exciting news! <3