.Guys Night.

I'd like to begin this post with letting you all know I am giving myself a big ol' pat on my back for being a super duper cool wife tonight.

I am currently sitting inside in my pj's while Adam and 7 of his buddies are out back around a camp fire snacking on the delicious treats and goodies set out by yours truly.

Adam needed a night with his "guys." The man works so hard and then deals with me every single day and night. While I'd like to think I am a blast to hang out with at all times, let's be real, I can be quite moody and this week was the week, you know which one..yep, my hubs needed a Katie break :) 

I wanted him to have it so I suggested a guys night. I knew he would be excited for it but the extent of his excitement was a bit more than I had anticipated..I guess he needs this more often eh'? 

The boys are being boys together..smoking cigars and pipes, chowing down brownies and other treats, and chatting about, well, boy stuff. I can hear their muffled laughter and it makes my heart feel good, so very good.

I finished paying the bills, reading up on a few blogs, and now it is time for me to finish another wreath--this one is for you! I did something a little different, I am in the process of making my first yarn wreath! It has taken a little longer than I had in mind because a certain toddler I watch got into the yarn during nap time and made one of the biggest knots ever, I'm actually impressed with the variety and amount of tangles. We are both to blame because I was in the back of the house in our bedroom and did not check on her for a while..and to think I thought she would be napping, ha! Ah well, I am still happy and loving the wreath..really loving it that I am tempted to keep it BUT I had you in mind so I must, must, must give it away :)

Stay tuned!

And wives..let's be cool more often and set up fun nights for our husbands that do not involve us, Lord knows they need it!

:Happy Wednesday Night:


  1. Yay for yarn wreaths! I decided to go that route, too. :) It was soooo tempting to try my hand at a burlap one, but your dear brother actually had an opinion about this decoration (imagine that)! Yarn wreath for the Fall and a new one with lights for Christmas. :) Hehe. Glad the guys are getting a night because that also means that YOU get a night! ;) Love you!

  2. Can't wait to see the yarn wreath! And you are a super cool wife, so that pat on the back is well deserved. My hubby is in California right now nerding it up at the Build conference, so I can't wait for him to get home :) Have a blessed day Katie!

  3. Sounds like fun! I'll have to work out a way to give MY hubby one of those! Can't wait to see the wreath.

  4. You're SO sweet! I would love to do that for my guy- thanks for the push to spoil him!!

    PS: Can't wait for the pumpkin spice wreath..... DARLING :)

  5. That's awesome- what a nice thing to do for your hubby!