.Our Home in PRINT.

I am eager to share some rather exciting news--

Our house was featured in our town's newest (and cutest) women's magazine called The Clutch Guide.

Take a look:
 Not only is our home featured but check out the photo credit, notice anything?--

My name :) 

It's the little things friends.

Thank you for sharing in my excitement, have a fabulous day!


  1. I saw Michelle Duncan post about this article on her facebook page. She wrote the article, and posted a picture of it. I knew right away it was your house- congrats on the feature!

  2. Wow!That is amazing!You must feel so proud!I know I would!

  3. How cool! It must be so fun to see your home in print. :) How did it all go down? Did they come interview you? You are practically a celebrity. ;)

  4. Oooooooo, how fun!! I'm catching up on your blog!! Your house is so darn warm and cozy!!

  5. that's awesome!

  6. wow! thats awesome! congratulations katie!!!

  7. that is so great! you have done such a lovely job putting your home together. This was well deserved!

  8. are you on Pinterest? I want to follow you!

    and are you on facebook? Just found your site and subscribed in my reader but I really want to follow you on facebook and Pinterest. :)

    Love your blog and your style.

    Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker

  9. Congratulations Katie!!! That is so exciting. I just love all you have done with your home. I loved looking at your before and after pics on your other post. I made a small ombre spoon mirror earlier this year and have yet to post it. I know how much work it took. Your 3 turned out gorgeous! I love the the bright red. The drapes, walls and mirrors are so beautiful! I also really like the way you hung the frames around the corner in your hallway. Like the reader Christina above I want to follow you on Pinterest too. I just pinned the diningroom to one of my boards and the spoon mirror to my craft board. That's the best spoon tutorial I've ever seen. Thanks for spending so much time detailing it with pictures and directions for us.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    1. It was sure a pleasure of mine to make one comment on this blog. Have bookmarked this website for future reference. Will definitely share this info with friends