.Little Things Bring Smiles: Part 21.

The name of my blog is

Little Things Bring Smiles.

I chose this title because it is important to remember the little things in life and to rejoice in them. My reason for blogging is to share my life, all parts of it {including the good, the bad, and the ugly} along with my home, crafts, and DIY projects I complete. Each month I want to focus on the little things that brought smiles to my days. 

I would love for you to share your little things to see if they bring a smile to me, or another reader :)

 Here are my little things from July:

- Hosting a house full of people due to the mighty wind storm
- Celebrating the 4th with dear friends eating great food and playing games
- Making progress on decorating our dining room
- Scoring an awesome Craigslist steal
- Visiting our friends in the hospital to meet their precious baby girl..
- ..Holding the baby
- ..Staring at the baby
- ..Seeing Adam love on the baby
- Finally completing our Deck Makeover
- Watching two bunnies play in our front yard while Colden went CRAZY inside
- Staying up late watching movies with Adam and sleeping in on Saturdays
- Adam and I took a break from coffee for a few months but we busted out our coffee 
  pot this July and have enjoyed every single sip
- Making plans for family visits
- Sitting under our deck during a huge rainstorm with Adam
- Adam threw out his back (not something that made us smile) but he missed work 
  and was HOME! More fun for me than him, poor guy.
- Cooking new meals, some good some blah
- Watching Adam play with the girls I watch, especially the baby
- Double date with my in-laws
- Going to church with family to hear Adam's Grandpa preach in celebration of his 90th 
- Spending "me" time crafting
- Seeing our house featured in a magazine!

Now it's your turn. Always remember,
Little Things Bring Smiles!


  1. Thanks so much for the tute - I know I'll be using it one of these days! I absolutely love it in red - it's such a perfect statement piece in the dining room!

  2. Very use full tips, & it looks so beauty full in red


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