.8 days 8 nights.

That is how long most people in Lynchburg went without power. Our town has been filled with diligent workers not only from various parts of VA but also out of state--I saw trucks from FL and MS and am confident there were more!

This past week has been a long blur for those without power and those with power. Adam and I opened our home to friends and family and hosted up to 9 people, plus the 2 of us and 2 dogs, for meals-laundry-showers, you name it! We even hosted a last minute-throw it all together-go with the flow Fourth of July celebration for 11 people!

It was quite the adventure.

The Lord was really working in Adam and I to give give give! He stretched us and molded us into better people this week and I am blessed because of it. We were able to put our selfishness aside (easier said then done) and focused on the loving thing to do: helping others in need. 

My desire to have a large family actually grew this week (if you can believe it!) as our house guests woke every morning to a hot breakfast. I loved having everyone gather around the table and eating together, it was special. Adam and I lived in community this week and served our friends and family. It was difficult at times but worth the effort to live life together. Meals became more meaningful and the term quality time got redefined for us. 

This was not just happening in our home but the homes of so many. Everyone broke out of their comfort zone this week and worked together as one to reach the same goal: Clean and restore our town.

It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Our town is looking much better all thanks to the power workers, tree services workers, and the residents of Lynchburg who worked non stop on cleaning up the damage.

I am tired but blessed for this past week.


  1. so sweet of y'all. there's a blessing in blessing others!

  2. What a special experience - really makes you grateful for what you have!

  3. Your house is beautiful!!! Your couple shines with happiness

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