.Living Room Vignettes.

I received a few little things in the mail that have inspired me to play with vignettes. Adam built me a gorgeous sofa table but I have been a bit stumped as how to decorate it. We use the table/shelf everyday to hold our dishes on (guilty-we are those people who eat on the couch while watching movies) so we need it to be fairly empty. By keeping the middle section empty, Adam and I have the space we need while the ends of the table make a great place to set up some decor. In the past I have played around here and there, see this post for reference. This is what our couch and sofa table looked like for months:
I did enjoy the two vignettes but I needed a little change..remember it's the little things that bring smiles! Adam and I ordered a beautiful wooden puzzle from this shop, Dog Wood By: Dave. It is perfect and we absolutely love it! The detail work is fabulous and the dark contrast is perfect with the sofa table.
The other thing received in the mail were these beauties from this lovely shop, Faye Marie.
 I spent time this morning rearranging and trying a few different things. Like this set up:
 And this:
The "vase" is from our trip to Iceland and it is 100% cardboard :) You can also see it here in our dining room. The bottle inside is also from Iceland, it held Adam's favorite drink while there-a malt root beer! I wanted to keep the vignettes simple and as minimal as possible. I switched things up:
 Which vignette do you prefer for the "K" side?
  Which vignette do you prefer for the "A" side?
Here are my final choices, well at least for now :)
I chose to have the wooden puzzle opposite of the cardboard vase to have darker shades of brown on each side. The tree branches and dried flowers were also separated to have balanced height on each end of the sofa table. The end of the table closest to the window does not get as much light as the end furthest away from the window so I decided to use the bright bold yellow flowers in the darker area of the room. The dark puzzle and dark branches made that side of the room look dead versus the bright cheery flowers. The yellow from the framed fabric and flowers go together nicely and do add a pop of life to that end of the sofa table. I know I will change my mind a thousand more times but for now these little changes really make me smile!

I'd love to know which vignettes you prefer and any tips/hints/changes to help make this beautiful sofa table feel complete. 

Have you created any lovely spaces in your home recently? 

Happy Living--Happy Vignette Tweaking
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. Looks good... glad to see those guys getting used. :)

  2. what a fantastic room!! so bright and fresh...and the "all is well with my soul" piece on the wall is fantastic. how did you do it?? :)

    and I like the way you did those vignettes, the dog puzzle with the "K" and the awesome vase with the "A". you are so talented!

    you inspire me to do more things to my home. :) I'm excited to work on the silhouettes for my two little ones this next month...so we'll have 4 silhouettes over our mantel! :)

  3. Ahh, this is the kind of post that makes me happy! Your house is beautiful! I love every little thing that you've done. Creating little groupings is so hard - I always switch things around a zillion times...taking zillions of pictures in between. Glad to see I'm not the only one. :) Your dog puzzle is so cool, and I love those craspedia flowers! And I may need to take a trip to Iceland so I can have one of those vases for my own!

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