.What Valentine's Day Revealed To Me.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and as cheesy as the holiday may be, it got me thinking about love. When I woke, I found I had an extra skip in my step and was eager to serve my husband. This of course meant, Katie make a killer breakfast for Adam.

Adam surprised me in the afternoon with flowers and not just any random flower, he remembered and chose our wedding flowers. The fact Adam thought to buy me something sentimental as well as beautiful truly showed me the man I married. His mind works wonders and I am constantly blown away by his actions and thoughtfulness. I have a keeper.
On my way to work I found myself happy,  I was truly beaming. I belted out to Adele on my drive and something happened. Her lyrics brought me back in time 7 years when my heart was broken by a man I loved. I felt a heaviness consume my body. As her song, Someone Like You, played in my car the lyrics sunk in and I felt pain. For a minute, I became 18 and 19 year old Katie. These emotions took me by surprise and I began to pray.

Suddenly, a peace and joy entered my body. The Lord reminded me what He had done in my life--the happy new beginning He gave me. My heart was not broken anymore for I was given a new heart..one that loves my Heavenly Father and a man by the name of Adam Everett. Through teary eyes and a smile, I sang along knowing I was not that heart broken girl anymore..I am now a woman. 

I feel as though I am a rare story. I found the love of my life after heartache and I moved on. I did it. I know so many men and woman who are still searching for love and still clinging to past loves. I really feel special, just plain lucky. The Lord gave me a new beginning in life and it was the day I married Adam.

Adam is not my happy ending, he is my happy beginning. We have so much life to live and I am blessed to have a Godly, thoughtful man by my side every single day. 

My first relationship ended but it did not end me. It made me the woman I am today and has made me wiser and stronger. I can rock out because I know the happy new beginning that was given to me and wow, was it ever a good looking new beginning..
(Back to our Valentine's Day!) When Adam came home from work I felt like a kid..I was giddy inside. We went out to our favorite Thai restaurant and enjoyed a long dinner together with great conversation. If you know my husband--you know that boy sure can gab! During our meal, it came out Adam had never seen The Notebook and it was decided then and there that was how our night would end. We stopped at Walmart, bought the movie, and headed home.

To change things from our normal routine, we blew up the air mattress in our living room and topped it with pillows and blankets--silly but so fun! As we snuggled up with each other and Colden, we watched The Notebook. Right away Adam was drawn in because it dealt with the 40's and he is simply enthralled with history. I was glued because um, I'm a girl! The movie was paused half way so we could have dessert which is a necessary break.

As the movie came to an end I was a wreck. I have seen this movie a dozen times but I was never married and that changes everything. Adam and I were silent as the credits played and when I glanced over at him, he was a crying mess. We both sat up and were shocked by the heaviness we felt in our chest. I have never seen Adam like this before, it hit him hard. The two of us had to walk away from one another because we knew we would have completely lost it if we held hands or hugged.

We kissed goodnight knowing how lucky we are to have found love,     a great love.

My Valentine's Day was one to remember. I did not know where the Lord would take my heart and what He would teach me and as always, I was left truly humbled by His actions and the love He continually gives me.

I am a blessed woman.


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So very beautiful. It sounds like you have a keeper.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You guys are adorable. You're right that being married completely changes your perspective on The Notebook. Have you ever heard Mark Schultz' song "Walking Her Home"? A tear-jerker for sure. It reminds me of the movie, sort of.

  4. Adam, you are such a sensitive soul :)

  5. Aww, what a sweet day!!

    My husband may or may not have bawled his eyes out at the movie as well...that and Marley and Me. Don't tell though...it's our secret. :P

  6. Beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  7. Ah, this post brought tears to my eyes! I get that feeling from the very same Adele song because of a heartbreaking four year relationship I had that ended 11 years ago. But, like you, I met another wonderful man who I know is the man I was supposed to marry - as a woman. He is absolutely wonderful and is the perfect man for me. It's never easy to let go, but sometimes something beyond what you could have ever imagined is waiting on the other side...

  8. Last week it came up that Brent had never seen the notebook! So random! Katie, there is wisdom in this blog post and I know it is going to be so encouraging to people :)) Happy V-Day week!

  9. Now you understand why I was upset with you about this movie. You telling us how great it was. I never watched it again, ending too hard for I had a headache from crying so hard. You laughed at us when we both told you it was too hard to watch and I remember telling you to just wait and you will understand. So sad with it coming so real for Uncle Will. Watching it once was enough.

  10. I think every husband/boyfriend/man I know has sobbed at the end of that movie. I know Scott certainly did, and we were still just dating! Remember our trip to see that in the theater? Wow. I think the whole theater was a mess!