.Our Living Room Today.

Adam and I wake up everyday and smile. 
We pull into the driveway with a smile.
Yard work is completed with a smile.
There is one reason:
We own a home.
God has blessed us tremendously and our house is a daily reminder.

We take pride in our home and are striving to create a dwelling place that not only makes us feel warm inside, but our guests as well. Adam and I truly feel joy and are energized by living life with dear friends and family. Last time I shared our living room with you we were only moved in 6 weeks. Remember this room?
After a few weeks of hard work, a few paychecks cashed, and a few visits from family..our living room looks like this today..(some of you noticed a sneak peek in this post!)
The furniture is purchased and set in place so it's time to decorate! The walls and sofa table Adam built are calling our names--stay tuned for the crafts, DIYS, and accessories we will be adding to our new room along with holiday decor :)

Couch, Curtains, TV Unit: IKEA
Rug: Found on Amazon
Woven Ottomans: Found on Amazon
Curtain rod: Target
Pillows: Target
Sofa Table: Home Depot + ADAM!


  1. love your sofa table!! the whole room is so bright and cheery!

  2. I love your couch! And I still love those curtains. Too bad we don't have IKEA:(

  3. I'm so in love with this! And so jealous of your furniture! Very cute!

  4. oooh, I love the couch! I wish we had space for a big comfy couch like that...someday :) The colors are so fun too--great job!

  5. I love the green sectional - and the curtains really pop in that space! :)

  6. how did you hide the wires to/from the TV?

  7. Looks great! You must be so excited to do some Christmas decorating with all your new transformations!!!

  8. oh and I totally pinned the picture of Colden all feisty on the floor... ROFL I need to spend some time with this dog lol

  9. it is soooo beautiful katie! i keep checking your blog every day because i've been waiting to see these rooms! the dining room is gorgeous too! i love these curtains, and the chandelier in the dining room is so lovely! and this color green sofa is absolutely per. fect. i'm so jealous of your beautiful home! i have a question though, how do you get all your wires and everything hidden on your tv? and did you make those boxes to hold everything on the wall? i am so behind electronic times, i have no idea how you get all your stuff to work without actually being connected to the tv!

  10. oh yah, and i cannot WAIT to see it all decorated and christmasy : )

  11. I love the idea of redesigning your room. The carpet looks great. It's clean and very refreshing. I'd love to redesign my room as well and you've given me an idea on how am I going to do it.

  12. It seems like you are planning to decorate the walls and the furniture. If you are going to use wallpapers, then you may need to use high quality adhesives to adhere the wall papers accordingly. In case you need to use paint, then maybe a cream colored paint is perfect. I look forward to seeing the outcome of your next project.

  13. Your living room looks really great. Your choice of colors is professionally done. The rug is stunning. It tied the room together.

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  14. The post is describing our living room. Have a look at it

  15. love your sofa table!! the whole room is so bright and cheery!