My husband Adam is the luckiest person I know. His job, his “big boy real world job”, involves his favorite hobby! Adam loves video, anything to do with filming, editing, animating, creating, designing..and the list goes on. His job you wonder?--He is the Media Director for Hello Studios here in Lynchburg. He gets to “play” with all of his favorite video editing programs to make commercials. He is also the Editor for AEtuts.com which is a website devoted to AE, After Effects. AEtuts is a website which hosts tutorials on motion graphics and visual effects, even more of his hobbies! He is always happy at work and when he is home from work, he speaks with such excitement over what he accomplished in the day and the new effect he was able to master. 

The only problem to having ones occupation the same as ones hobbies is--the wife competes with the computer at home. If there is a spare minute when Adam is home, he is on the website working and playing (yes, both, at the same time!). We have been married now over a year and we finally have the whole "work at work" and "be home when you’re home" thing under control. We now have our routines and it works beautifully. It took some time and deep thinking, but we have it figured out pretty well and now the wife and computer do not have to fight for attention from the hubs ;)

All of this work requires Adam to have late nights at the office. We arrange the two or three nights out of the week for him to work late ahead of time to avoid any..any..hiccups in the relationship. The nights he is working late, I spend doing household chores like cleaning and laundry. I happen to love cleaning so this is a very relaxing night for me. The only problem is when the house is clean, it stays clean for a while. I occasionally watch some of my "chick flicks" like The Holiday or P.S. I Love You while cuddling on the couch with Colden. Some nights I simply take a nap! Anyone who knows me understands how much I love my naps and how easy it is for me to fall asleep no matter the time or place. Then it hits--the nights I have NOTHING to do. No chores, no movie watching, no cuddle time with pup, just nothing! These nights drag on forever and I find myself bugging my husband at work asking when he will be home. I have learned this lesson before and I found it is not good to make a husband feel guilty for providing for his family, especially when it was arranged ahead of time. This is when I hear it, he never fails to mention it.."Kate, what hobbies do you have? You need to get some!"
What exactly is a hobby? Dictionary.com defines it: hob-by [hob-ee] -noun, plural -bies. 1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.
Hobbies..oh yes, I remember these things! When I was little my favorite hobby was collecting stickers and putting them into my homemade sticker books. Oh, how I remember those stickers. But now? Sure, I have hobbies..I love scrapbooking, I love crafting, I love drawing, I love painting, I love organizing, I love hiking..these are hobbies right? Yes! Problem then?--I never do the things I love! It’s like my brain forgets that I am a creative person and I enjoy doing these things. A few months ago I finally finished my scrapbook of Adam and I through our dating years, graduation, and engagement. I am proud of it, it’s pretty. It has made my energy return to get working on more of my hobbies! Now my nights alone with Colden are filled with such joy and excitement. This blog will become my way of showing you, and my dear husband, I do have hobbies.

What are your hobbies?


  1. Katie - reading about your "I've meticulously cleaned the house and now I'm just waiting for my husband to come home" nights made me smile and remember many nights that I felt that same way when Jer and I were first married. Every Saturday night I had that feeling while Jer was shooting a wedding. I happy you've found yourself a hobby! I'll enjoying hearing about all your crafting adventures - as I love a good DIY craft project myself. :) Much love!

  2. Katie - I love your blog! Recently I started a blog of my own, and its all based pretty much on my hobbies. So this post made me smile when I found it. I agree, its great to see other moms/wives doing things they love (it also makes me feel less guilty when my house isnt clean but Ive created a fantastic "something" for our home ;) ) Our houses dont have to be spotless, but as moms/wives we need to find what we love and pursue it in order to have "me time". This gives us more engery, joy, peace and contenment. Thank you for sharing. And I cant wait to creat a "book letter" of my own :D God Bless.

  3. Hobbies are indeed important for ones well being.