.Malaysia: Part Two.

As I mentioned in the first trip post, Adam and the rest of Envato had 2.5 days off of work--this was very exciting for me because I could have some good ol' quality time with my man, my absolute favorite!

Adam and I are both animal lovers, I'm a bit of a science nerd and proud of it, so planning our days off were easy:

World's Largest Free Flight Bird Park-check!-Aquarium-check!-Historic fort to see wild monkeys-check! I will let the photos speak for themselves except for this one comment..or maybe two:

It was steaming hot outside, beware of viewing sweat!
The animals of Malaysia LOVED Adam's hair--I swear every time I glanced over at him he had some sort of creature on top of his head!

Now the pictures:              
It was difficult taking good photos in the Aquarium so please use your imagination and picture sea turtles, otters, sharks, sting rays, and lots of tropical fish! :)
The aquarium was located next to Kuala's Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers. The architecture was truly stunning:
We spent an entire day off, 12 hours to be exact, with great friends exploring historic sites, hanging out with wild monkeys, hiking through the rainforest, enjoying boat rides to see eagles and again at night to see fire flies--it was an incredible day soaking in the beautiful country outside of the city!
The Envato team and spouses were also given a group activity day to get out of the city to visit an elephant sanctuary. We were able to feed baby elephants and ride adult elephants--it was so neat! The chance to bathe with the elephants was taken away due to heavy rain causing the river to be too high. I was relieved because I did not want to submerge myself in mucky brown river water in Malaysia, no thank you! I've watched one too many episodes of River Monsters and have only seen the trailer of Monsters Inside of Me to keep me away forever!! Enjoy:
Friends..I cannot believe how long this post is, I am so sorry! I just scrolled down to show Adam and he laughed at me. I'm going to let it slide because it is finished..it is almost midnight..and this post is mostly pictures..that's that :)

Now you have just seen our two week long trip to Malaysia in TWO posts! (I am pretty impressed with that fact even if each post is extremely long, hehe.)

Thank you for checking out our trip and a special big thank you goes to everyone who left me comments and emails about travel advice/what to do/what not to do--you really saved me on our flights and I am thankful for you.



  1. you have your great moment in malaysia!

  2. these are gorgeous pictures, and the post was NOT too long. Tell Adam to stick with what he knows and let you blog b/c you did a great job of recapping everything in two well-proportioned posts! :) HAHA.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!

  3. katie, love the photos and the dress in the first photos...the pink chevron inspired...where did you get that? Please can you let me know about the dress? Love your blog an all the photos! Great job! Valerie

  4. Such fun pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Haha too funny, I want to know the same thing... that dress is wonderful!!! Also, this trip looked amazing, glad you enjoyed. And, there are never too many pictures!

  6. Oh,those buildings are breathtaking!Looks like SUCH an amazing time!