.Good Things Are Happening.

Adam and I have been working on quite a few different house projects and we are pumped about them!--I've been a bad blogger though and forgot to snap "before" pictures. We are still working on most projects so I will be sure to get "during" photos and of course, "after" pictures. There has been much to blog about but I've been busy actually completing things and living life that I haven't done the best job, please forgive.

Our work is put on hold this weekend for a very special reason. We are headed to Maryland to be in our dear friends Kevin and Mandy's wedding. Festivities begin tomorrow (as well as a trip to IKEA for Adam and I!) and the wedding will be on Sunday.

I cannot wait.

Adam and I love these two and are so thrilled to celebrate with them and to be in their wedding--Adam is even the best man! This is our first friend wedding Adam and I will be in the together and the second time he gets to walk me down the aisle.

Our bags are not packed, heck, laundry isn't even started. Good news--it's only 10am and we will not be leaving til 5pm..I have plenty of time ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whether you are working on your yard, BBQ-ing with friends and family, or even just sleeping in and relaxing--ENJOY!


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  1. I kinda love that you went to MD for the weekend and Matt and I were in the 'burg for the weekend. :)